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First Year Housing

Incoming First Year Housing Assignment Information

Housing Options

South Hall is reserved for incoming first year students interested in living on campus. Residents who stay in South Hall will reside in four bedroom suites which house five students. South Hall houses the campus dining hall, and has an array of amenities, including wireless Internet, cable, computer labs, social lounges, and conveniently located laundry rooms. 

Bedroom Doubling

Bedroom Doubling: Due to the increasing interest in on-campus living, every South Hall four bedroom suite will have five individuals. This means that one bedroom in the four bedroom suite will house two residents as opposed to one. Residents who live in a doubled bedroom will receive a 25% deduction in their housing costs. Residents interested in doubling and the 25% deduction should check that option on their housing application. Residents in a doubled bedroom will have their own individual furniture. Please note that preference for single bedrooms is not guaranteed and will be based on the student's housing application date. 

Requesting Roommates

  • If you have a roommate request, both individuals must have active housing applications and the requests must be mutual in order for the matched roommate pair to be assigned. Students can input their preferred roommate on their housing application. 
  • Roommate requests must be received prior to June 1st for consideration. Placement with a requested roommate is not guaranteed. 

Important Reminders

  • Davenport students are eligible for housing placement if they have a housing deposit and a completed housing application and contract.
  • Room selection is a real-time database and units are first come/first serve. Preferences are not guaranteed. Assignments are based on application date and space availability. 
  • The Housing Contract is a full academic year agreement for both Fall and Winter semester.
  • Housing assignment information is sent to your Davenport email throughout the summer.
  • Tours of the first year living options are available during Orientation. 

Special Accommodations

All students requesting a specific housing assignment or meal plan due to a medical condition or other accommodation needs must register with Davenport University's Student Access Coordinator . Housing accommodations will be coordinated based on the Student Access Coordinator's recommendations, date of application, and space availability.