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Hall Comparison


  South Hall Cook/Meijer Halls Panther Woods Panther Ridge
Single Room Restrooms One per Suite One per Suite N/A N/A
Double Room Restrooms N/A One per Suite Two per Suite N/A
Triple Room Restrooms N/A N/A

***One Per Bedroom or
Two per Apartment

One Per Bedroom
Quad Room Restrooms Two per Suite One per Suite N/A One Per Bedroom
Shower Curtins/ Rods Shower Door Shower Curtain not Provided Shower Rod & Curtain not Provided Shower Curtain not Provided
Computer Labs N/A N/A
Laundry In-Hall In-Hall Free In Apartment Free In Apartment
Wireless Internet


***Panther Woods Triple Room Bathrooms - Panther Woods 100, 300, and 400 all have bathrooms in each bedroom. Panther Woods 200 have two bathrooms in the apartment