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Housing Rates

Housing Contract

Click Here to download a copy of the 2017-2018 Housing Agreement. 

Housing Rates for Fall 2017 and Winter 2018

All housing rates listed are per person, per semester.  Registering for Housing requires a one time application fee of $25 and security deposit of $150. 

South Hall requires an Unlimited Meal Plan, and Cook & Meijer Halls require a minimum 100 Meal Block Plan. Panther Woods and Panther Ridge does not require a meal plan (residents may, however, opt into a meal plan). Meal Plans are listed at

South Hall Fees Price per Semester
Four Bedroom Suite: Single Bedroom $2533
Four Bedroom Suite: Double Bedroom $1900
Single Suite $3523
REQUIRED MEAL PLAN: Unlimited meal plan with $75 in Dining Dollars $2310
Cook and Meijer Hall Fees Price per Semester
Quad $3025
Double $3667
Single $4360
REQUIRED MINIMUM MEAL PLAN: 100 meal block with $100 in Dining Dollars $1050
Panther Woods Fees Price per Semester
2 Bedroom $3537
3 Bedroom $3330
4 Bedroom $3121
Panther Ridge Fees Price per Semester
3 Bedroom $3330
4 Bedroom $3330














Pro-rated Housing Rates

If you cancel your Housing Contract after you move in, you are subject to the prorated housing rates listed below. Dining's prorated rates are different. For the Dining prorated rates, please email

Time Refund Amount
On or Before the 1st day of classes 100%
During Week 1 90%
During Week 2 80%
During Weeks 3 & 4 70%
During Weeks 5 & 6 60%
During Week 7 50%
After Week 7 0%





Housing Rates for Spring/Summer 2017

Summer residents must be either registered for 6 credits for Spring/Summer or be registered for on-campus housing for Fall 2017. Meal plans are not provided during the Spring/Summer semester

Fees Price per Semester
Cook Hall Quad or Double $1000
Cook Hall Single $1200
Panther Woods Triple $1000