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Housing Rates

Housing Rates for Fall 2017 and Winter 2018

All housing rates listed are per person, per semester.  Registering for Housing requires a one time application fee of $25 and security deposit of $150. 

South Hall Fees Price per Semester
Four Bedroom Suite: Single Bedroom $2533
Four Bedroom Suite: Double Bedroom $1900
Single Suite $3523
REQUIRED MEAL PLAN: Unlimited meal plan with $75 in Dining Dollars $2310
Cook and Meijer Hall Fees Price per Semester
Quad $3025
Double $3667
Single $4360
REQUIRED MINIMUM MEAL PLAN: 100 meal block with $100 in Dining Dollars $1050
Panther Woods Fees Price per Semester
2 Bedroom $3537
3 Bedroom $3330
4 Bedroom $3121
Panther Ridge Fees Price per Semester
3 Bedroom $3330
4 Bedroom $3330

South Hall requires an Unlimited Meal Plan, and Cook & Meijer Halls require a minimum 100 Meal Block Plan. Panther Woods and Panther Ridge does not require a meal plan (residents may, however, opt into a meal plan). Meal Plans are listed at


Housing Rates for Spring/Summer 2017

Fees Price per Semester
Cook Hall Quad or Double $1000
Cook Hall Single $1200
Panther Woods Triple $1000

Summer residents must be either registered for 6 credits during Spring/Summer or be registered for on-campus housing for Fall 2017. Meal plans are not provided during the Spring/Summer semester