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Course Roster/Course Search Workaround

Adjuncts looking to search for a course or look at their course roster will be required to be on the Davenport network or use VPN. This document will include a workaround for those who are not on either.

When logging into Faculty Connection, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for Davenportal

(You can also get here by going directly to


Look for the “Banner Self-Service” folder, select “Faculty and Advisors” and look for “Summary Class list” and “Class Schedule”


When you get to the Summary Class List portion, select the term in which you are teaching, and you should see your courses. They will appear in a drop down list.


When you get to the Class Schedule portion, select the term and then you will be able to search for any class. Clicking on Advanced Search will let you narrow down your search.