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Lunch and Learn

From time to time, ITS will provide an educational seminar to inform staff, faculty, and even students about new and upcoming technologies.

Trends in Mobility - March 1, 2013

Presented by: Brian Miller

Online Privacy - March 29, 2012

Presented by: Ben Williams - Director of Information Security at Davenport University

The presentation will look at where online privacy is today by examining some historical cases, delving into current practices, and finally looking at options for protecting your privacy.

Download presentation (pptx)


Mathematics behind Public-Key Cryptography - Feb. 2, 2012

Presented by: Scott Radtke - Director of Project Management

The topic will be: "The Mathematics behind Public-Key Cryptography", in particular, how the RSA Encryption algorithm works. We will investigate the Mathematics of Euclid (300 BC) and Euler (1750 AD) and how they contribute to the protection of our data in the 21st century!

Download presentation (pdf)

Please check back to this page for future information on upcoming Lunch and Learn events!