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Iphone/Ipad Guest WiFi

Iphone/Ipad Instructions

To access the DU Guest wireless network using an Iphone/Ipad device, please follow the directions below. If you experience difficulties, call the Student Support Center: 1-877-899-1499 or send an email to

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Step 1

Click the settings app and then WiFi.

Step 2

Make sure WiFi is enabled and connect to the wireless network DU-Guest.

Step 3

A web browser should open and take you to a DU-Guest WiFi form to fill out. If it does not take you there automatically you will need to open a browser and attempt to navigate to a website, preferably one you would not typically visit. If you still can't get to the DU-Guest form enter into your web browser address bar and select go.

Step 4

On the form enter your first name, last name, email address, and a Davenport sponsor email address. Click agree. If you don't have a Davenport sponsor email you may use the email in this field.