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Register Your Media Player

Media Players

To register your media player:

1. Locate the MAC address of the device and copy it down. (For instructions on locating your MAC address, choose your device in the list below.)

2. Fill out the form at

3. Connect to du-resnet on the wireless network.


The MAC Address of a Roku can be found by:
- Looking on the back of the player it’s a set of six 2-digit pairs separated by colons.
- One set is for the Ethernet connector and the other for the wireless connector.
Alternatively, from the Roku home screen, select settings> player info. The addresses will be listed on-screen.

Apple TV (1st-3rd generation)

The MAC address of the Apple TV can be found by:
- Go to the main menu on your Apple TV and select "settings".
- Within the settings menu, select "About".
- Here you can find your Wireless/MAC address listed as either "Wireless ID" or "WiFi address".
Alternatively, check the UPC label on your Apple TV box or the back of your device. It should show the wireless/MAC address of the device on this label.

Apple TV (4th Generation)

The newest Apple TV 4th generation does not display the Wireless/MAC address for you to register on Davenport's network unless you have completed the initial set up. Unfortunately, the only way to complete the initial set up is to connect to a network.
To register your Apple TV 4th generation follow one of the options below:
- Turn on and connect your Apple TV to a mobile hot spot and run the initial setup.
- Connect to an alternative network other than Davenport's and run the initial setup.
- Obtain an Ethernet cable and connect the cable to an open port in your room and attempt the initial setup.
Once you have completed the initial setup navigate to Settings>General>About. There you will find the wireless/MAC address. Use this address to register your device on the network.