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Conflict By Design

Understanding Conflict Resolution Through Art. Experiential based learning in collaboration with the GRAM. 


In this, first of its kind, course you will be working as a team to learn the theories and concepts of conflict resolution in a hands on experience at the Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM). In an innovative art centered 1-day course you will accelerate your learning with applicable skills and knowledge of conflict resolution. We take the historical aspects of art and turn them into real life aspects of business. 

Using art as a springboard you will, know why conflict occurs and what to do about it are indispensable components to a healthy and efficient business. Many people see conflict as a negative experience. However, conflict is a necessary part of our personal growth and development. Conflict becomes an issue when the people involved cannot work through it. When this happens, negative energy can result, causing hurt feelings and damaged relationships. This course provides a basis for successful conflict resolution by providing the participant and their team with the skills necessary to identify and manage conflict.  


Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand what conflict and conflict resolution means.

  • Understand all six phases of the conflict resolution process.

  • Understand the five main styles of conflict resolution.

  • Be able to adapt the process for all types of conflicts.

  • Be able to break out parts of the process and use those tools to prevent conflict.

  • Be able to use basic communication tools, such as the agreement frame and open questions.

  • Be able to use basic anger and stress management techniques.

Registration Information:

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Who Should Attend:

Workplace teams who would benefit from helping others effectively resolve conflict and differences at work whether with clients, colleagues, or vendors. 


Benefits to You and Your Organization:

  • Increased trust and credibility among colleagues 

  • Enhanced work relationships

  • Confidence in holding difficult conversations calmly and assertively

  • Improved effectiveness in managing conflict 

Investment Includes:

  • Instruction and coaching by an expert facilitator

  • Small, interactive classes

  • Specialized manual and course material

  • Personalized certificate of completion

  • 1-Year Membership to the GRAM