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International Business

International Business


Experience the best practices of global business for yourself when you take your professional development abroad with the International Business Experience.
For organizations seeking to better understand global business operations, the Institute for Professional Excellence (IPEx) has designed a program exclusively for business professionals.

The International Business Experience is an 8-day program that offers a balanced mix of business interactions, corporate tours, cultural collaboration, and professional networking opportunities.

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International Business Experience - Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany

Through intercultural exchange, you will have an opportunity to strengthen leadership, problem solving, and communication skills while gaining a strong understanding of cultural and business norms.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Impact effective global operations, supply chain, and management practices based on global experiences.
  • Adapt to unique business situations, creating a strong competitive advantage.
  • Apply problem solving techniques, overcome obstacles, and better analyze business issues.
  • Communicate more effectively to create opportunities where others may not.
  • Set yourself apart in an increasingly competitive workplace.

Where’s the value?
Leaders need the ability to drive sustainable change. Increased intercultural and business acumen gives you the ability to recognize and respond to diversity and make better decisions to improve the overall success of your organization. Spending time abroad exposes leaders to different business approaches and cultures in order to understand how they influence others in both business and social environments.

What's included in the cost?
Everything you will need is included, with the exception of funding for personal excursions.