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Getting started

Ready to post your internship with us right now? Head on over to Panther Jobs!

Employer Internship Workshops :

Offered year-round.  Click on the link above to view upcoming dates.  Want to know about the value of internships?  Check out these great testimonials!  Click in for additional internship resources from Hello West Michigan.

Credit v. Non-Credit Internship

Our Regional Internship Managers can assist employers to create credit or non-credit bearing internships that aim at meeting the Bureau of Labor and Statistics federal internship guidelines.  Developing a detailed work description relevant to a students degree program is a fantastic first step towards a credit bearing opportunity.  Post your draft on PantherJobs above, or send to an Internship Manager to get started.     

College of Business and Technology Internship Manager Contacts: - West Michigan (Employers West of US-127) - East Michigan (Employers East of US-127 and Lansing) - West Michigan (Finance and Accounting) - Biological Laboratory Science

College of Health Professions Practicum Manager Contacts: - East Michigan (Employers East of US-127 and Lansing, Approximately) - West Michigan (Employers West of US-127, Approximately) - West Michigan (West Michigan Allied Health)


Support your alma mater, and develop our students! Develop an internship program at your office today! Learn how by attending Employer Internship Workshops offered throughout the state, throughout the year.