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Employer Internship Workshops :

Offered year-round.  Click on the link above to view upcoming dates.  Want to know about the value of internships?  Check out these great testimonials!  Click in for additional internship resources from Hello West Michigan.

Credit v. Non-Credit Internship

Our Regional Internship Managers can assist employers to create credit or non-credit bearing internships that aim at meeting the Bureau of Labor and Statistics federal internship guidelines.  Developing a detailed work description relevant to a students degree program is a fantastic first step towards a credit bearing opportunity.  A non-credit internship is basic in nature and is a relationship between you and the student, not subject to the same paperwork and deadlines as the for-credit process.  Post your draft on PantherJobs above, or send to an Internship Manager to get started.    Click the Contact Us button on the menu to the right if you would like help in crafting your description of work, or to see an example.     

As you outline the work you have for a student and the learning you can provide, consider this:  if the project looks like it may be bigger than one student can tackle, you may need a class of DU students to act as consultants for you.  Yes, we can do that!  Click here to learn more.  


We work to provide you with documents and resources for ease of starting and / or improving your program.  If your time does not allow you to attend one of our Workshops, please see the Related Documents section below and take advantage of our tools.  The Best Practices sheet will help you build a sustainable, value adding program.  The Guide helps you create a relationship with DU for hosting our students.  The CPT FAQ helps you understand the simplicity of hosting an international student.  


Support your alma mater, and develop our students! Develop an internship program at your office today! Learn how by attending Employer Internship Workshops offered throughout the state, throughout the year.