Take the next step in your management career with the Certified Manager (CM®) program. The CM® Certification is a professional credential that validates your ability to manage with a proven level of competence.

Obtaining this certification is a great next step for graduates of Davenport University’s Certificate of Management or other management/leadership training programs. Participants earn the CM® certification by meeting certain eligibility requirements and passing a series of three management skill assessments offered through the Institute of Certified Management Professionals (ICPM).

  • Utilize MBO, probability, decision trees, PERT, and forecasting for strategy formulation and decision making
  • Integrate methods of organizational structure, division of labor, span of control, centralization/ decentralization, delegation, staffing, and diversity
  • Apply accepted theories of leadership and motivation as they relate to communications and management of individual and group behavior
  • Apply control function and processes related to production management, quality, information systems, and control tools

Course is eligible for credit toward a bachelor's or graduate degree at Davenport.

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