Learn to create and manipulate databases to solve business applications. We start with basic structure and configuration of tables, queries, forms, and reports. Then we advance to queries that are more complex, custom forms, macros, and the integration of databases with the web and other programs. Finally, you will learn to combine these features into a functional database, which has a user-friendly interface. Participants who complete the program are eligible to take applicable MOS Access Certification testing.

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After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Create and modify tables with various field properties
  • Solve business questions by filtering, sorting, and creating simple condition and complex queries including parameter, list-of-values, pattern match, find unmatched, find duplicates, and crosstab
  • Apply action queries such as make-table, append, history, delete, and update to appropriate business scenarios
  • Create and modify database forms for user-friendly input, database reports for professional and meaningful output, and import and export data with various sources

CEUs Awarded: 4.5
PDCs Awarded: 45

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