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Risk Assessment (ARM 54)

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ARM 54 Risk Assessment

15 Week Session


  • Increase effectiveness by learning to develop thorough and useful risk assessments.
  • Improve communication with operational staff to strengthen efficiency.
  • Improve forecasting through greater understanding of risk qualification and actuarial activity.
  • Make better financial decisions by learning how to apply cash flow analysis to risk financing planning.

Course Topics:

ARM 54 Segment A 

  • Understanding Risk Management and Establishing a Risk Management Program
  • Understanding the Risk Management Process
  • Assessing Property Loss Exposures

ARM 54 Segment B 

  • Understanding the Legal Foundations of Liability Loss Exposures
  • Assessing Liability Loss Exposures, Part I
  • Assessing Liability Loss Exposures, Part II

ARM 54 Segment C 

  • Assessing Management Liability Loss Exposures
  • Understanding Corporate Governance
  • Assessing Personnel Loss Exposures
  • Assessing Net Income Loss Exposures

ARM 54 Segment D 

  • Understanding Forecasting
  • Applying Forecasting
  • Understanding Cash Flow Analysis
  • Applying Cash Flow Analysis

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