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Finance for the Non-Financial Manager

Finance for the Non-Financial Manager

Improve your business acumen and financial savvy. 

Managers and leaders are required to understand more from a financial perspective than ever before. Knowing how to read financial statements can be invaluable in analyzing business opportunities, assessing financial risks, and communicating ideas to others. As a result, the Institute for Professional Excellence (IPEx) created the Finance for the Non-Financial Manager workshop to provide a firm foundation in finance issues and how finance is used for decision making, analysis, and valuation. 

From accruals to receivables and payables, this one-day workshop shows you the concepts, tools, and techniques that can help make each decision pay off both on the job and on the bottom line. The program includes a business simulation.  In the simulation participants engage in running a fictitious business incorporating a variety of fundamental financial basics from the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statements, including concepts like ratios, component percentages, margins, turnover, EBITDA, break-even, economic value added, and business valuation.

Program Dates, Times, and Locations






September 28, 2017                                                 


8:00am - 5:00pm


Peter C. Cook 
45 Ottawa NW
Grand Rapids                            




Knowledge gained in this one-day program will improve your competitive edge by giving you the ability to make sound financial decisions and then execute on those decisions with precision.

For more information contact our program manager at 616-233-2597 or email