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Project Success Stories

Project Success Stories

"Doing the Right Projects Right"

Project Stories
Project Success Metrics
Paw Prints | WiFi Printing THE Project 2013 Innovation Station
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Virtual Orientation | The Solution for Adult, Transfer, and Online Student Retention

I feel everyone worked well together. No one was afraid to ask tough questions. - Jenny Thurber

Beginning your college journey can be challenging. But here at Davenport we are here for our students each step of the

Faculty and Staff are always looking for ways to improve Student onboarding. This can especially be difficult for the Adult,
Transfer, and Online Students who may have a hard time making it to an on-site orientation.

So leadership decided that a virtual orientation would be the best method for delivery to this audience of students. But
they didn’t want this population of students to not receive the same benefits that a student who had an on-site orientation.
They wanted an Adult, Transfer, and Online Student Orientation Redesign that was both engaging and informative.

The project team was tasked not only to find the best tools for delivering this virtual orientation, but to work with all
departments at Davenport to ensure the content delivered was relevant and up to date. By creating this orientation students
will be better prepared and are more likely to succeed while here at Davenport. The project team looks to track the virtual
orientation’s success on it’s impact on student retention!

Project Success Metrics – Attendance App Expansion   

Project success metrics provide a window on performance. They reveal when we reach a stated objective and are an integral part of a establishing a culture of continuous improvement. - Dr. Scott Epstein, EVP for Quality & Effectiveness

Davenport Leadership and the Project Management Office implemented a new process in 2015 for all projects – Project Success Metrics.
When a project is completed it is important to validate how well a product, process or result is being used by the user
community. Measuring the project success is not enough to determine how well a product or process is being used. The
true measurement of project success is the results from the end user.

Project metrics are objectively measurable parameters that pertain to the project. These parameters are part of project
control, project justification and project acceptance by the end user and the result of ROI. Success metrics should be
able to measure the benefits of the project to the business case.

The Attendance App Expansion project was one of the first projects to include success metrics. Project
sponsors and team members determined what the metrics should be and how long it would take to gather these metrics. To
accomplish this Nancy Titmus (Registrar/Records), Clara Johnson (Accounting), David DeBoer (Financial
Aid),and Greg Foster (Student Services), provided metrics for the Attendance App Expansion project for
one year. Their diligence and dedication to providing these metrics has been beneficial in understanding what the success
was regarding different user communities. These results will not only help Davenport learn what is successful and what
is not when implementing a project, but also improve on what is needed for the user community of staff, faculty and students.

Paw Prints | WiFi Printing for DU Students       

It is easy to use! - Heather Cook, DU Lansing Library Student Worker

The "Paw Prints" WiFi printing is fantastic! I have taken advantage of using Paw Prints while I am grabbing a quick lunch in the Panther Den, or printing from in seat classes at the Downtown DU location. Paw Prints makes it more convenient as a student to print the essentials, wherever they want and whenever they need. - Caren Brown, DU Grand Rapids Student

Need to quickly print something on the go? Now you can with Paw Prints WiFi printing!

Students have long asked for wireless printing capabilities, especially for their personal devices. With the implementation
of Paw Prints, the wait is over! Davenport is pleased to announce that the Wireless Printing Project Team has successfully
implemented Paw Prints WiFi printing, an enterprise wireless printing solution. Students can now print from laptops, Android
phones and tablets to designated printers at multiple DU campus libraries.

The project team was charged with the task and found a way to scale a piloted version of DU’s Paw Prints, created by Josh
Isaak, ITS Senior Internet System Architect, and make it bigger and better. Success was right around the corner when the
team was able to virtually install the system to multiple campuses, use existing multi-functional printers, at no extra
expense to DU and achieved wireless printing from different devices. There is now a designated printer at each campus library,
in the lobby of the Peter C. Cook Center and in the W.A. Lettinga Panther Den.

So, need to quickly print something on the go? Now you can with
Paw Prints WiFi printing!

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Admissions Workflow          

With the help of Kevin Koetsier (PMO) and Laura Baillod, Mike Lehner, and Jessica Dunn (Enterprise Applications Team)
we were able to create a workflow that generates an email to the admissions representative when they are assigned to a
new application. This greatly improved admissions efficiency because this task used to be manually performed by the Directors
of Admissions. It also reduces the turn-around time for the new applicant and allows the applicants to be contacted the
same day that their application is processed - instead of waiting for the applicant to appear on the following day's activity

Additionally, time-saving workflows were created to assist admissions' staff with:

  • receiving pending applicant test scores
  • receiving notification of official transcripts
  • receiving notification than an application has been accepted using scenerio-specific codes; such as a student who started
    in a prior term (SE) or registered for courses in a prior term (RE).

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THE Project 2013 

This project went very well and I look forward to any potential projects with so many positively-charged ITS team members! - Kerry Prentice

Great job showcasing our PMO and ITS as well as the newly completed Auditorium upgrade. - Scott Radtke

Davenport University proudly hosted this event on April 16, 2013. Students from Grand Valley State, Michigan Tech, University
of Phoenix, Kalamazoo College and Davenport University competed. This event gave ITS the opportunity to provide production-quality
video streaming for the West Michigan Chapter of the Project Management Institute. After successfully completing the Lettinga
Auditorium just weeks before this event, our ITS team demonstrated superior knowledge of the equipment and provided an
excellent outcome.

The theme for 2013 was "Keeping Our Youth - Our Future - Here", which is also item #4 of the 10 initiatives in Governor Snyder's
Reinventing Michigan campaign.  

“We are excited to have WMPMI bring focus and visibility to what Governor Snyder is trying to accomplish with the Reinventing
Michigan campaign. We know the student teams competing in THE Project 2013 competition will come up with creative project
plans that may well lead the way in how Michigan approaches this critical area; keeping our best and brightest students
in Michigan after they graduate from College” said Dick Posthumus, Senior Advisor to Governor Snyder and
one of the Executive Judges for THE Project 2012 competition.

Again, great job to all those involved who helped make this a successful event!

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Satisfied Students Enjoy DegreePlan

I like being able to see which of my transfer classes are applied. It helps me to plan my classes for the next year - Lynn Zielinski

Really easy to use. I like this feature a lot! - Robin Canty

Our project team was dedicated to student success from the beginning. Since this solution has been available to our advising
team for years, we knew that a great marketing plan would be the key to our successful student roll-out.

Concentrating on an attractive marketing campaign, we decided that Apple Gift Cards would get their attention! After a three-week
communication blitz, we had students signing in and checking their degree audits minutes after its launch! Students now
have a new tool to ensure a more direct path to graduation and future academic success here at Davenport University. Students
can check on their degree progression from home, the road or any wireless device! 

After the first month, over 2,700 students signed in and accessed their information. Of them, 98.75% said that the tool was
easy to understand and over 95% of students said DegreePlan either met or exceeded their expectations! With 96% of our
students stating that they will track their degree progression using DegreePlan, we all hope that it remains a powerful
tool for student success.

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Fostering Innovative Ideas at DU

Innovation Station is a great way for the DU community to generate innovative solutions that will significantly enhance the student experience - Sheri Maxim

Innovation Station gets a big "thumbs up" from me since it was pretty effortless to use and it helped generate lots of good ideas - Ray Grohowski

I recognized the complexity of launching Innovation Station and reached out to IT and the PMO for assistance. Innovation Station was launched on time and the pilot was very successful - Scott Epstein

One of the strategic goals at DU was to develop a way to foster and capture great ideas and make them come to life in order
to better serve our students, staff and faculty.  To accomplish this, a project team was assembled to focus primarily
on developing a process for soliciting, submitting and selecting these ideas.  A social media tool was already selected
to handle user interaction but, the process around it had to be built.  

This was a non-IT, cross-functional project.  The services of a Project Manager from the PMO were solicited to assemble
a project team and manage the project. The resulting team developed all the steps and procedures necessary for submitting
ideas and reviewing them.  They then received approval to implement the plan within the given timeline.  As a
final check, a pilot group tested the new system before the final launch, providing excellent feedback and paving the way
for a very successful, final launch. 

Innovation Station was officially live on June 4, 2012.  During the initial campaign, 39 ideas were generated, 240 comments
posted, and 609 votes made by some 212 users.  Approximately 20% of the targeted users participated.  From the
result of the campaign, the evaluation team selected 3 ideas proposed for implementation.  

Launching this new tactic of capturing great ideas is just one of the many ways Davenport continues to solicit open and honest
input from our faculty and staff in order to better serve our whole population.

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TouchNet's Marketplace Functionality Brings Department Owned Store-Fronts to DU

The TouchNet MarketPlace uStore project was a fun and successful endeavor. It was a pleasure to participate -
Casey Spencer

The MarketPlace upgrade was a very successful project...the group communicated well, committed willingly to the testing needs and were eager to learn new ways to use it in their work environments - Deb Brondsema 

Having the teams from different departments all meet and practice working on setup up a store at the same time - with an expert in the room was brilliant! That alone made me very comfortable with the software. I wish all software implementations offered that opportunity - Julie Gotch

In today’s changing and challenging environment, the University has seen an increasing number of requests for credit card
merchant accounts for online payment applications. While it can be advantageous to accept credit card payments over the
Web, it is also an area of great liability. To address this issue, the University has implemented a campus-wide e-commerce
solution called Touchnet Marketplace.

The Touchnet Marketplace solution offers the ability to set up a store, called “uStore,” or simply a payment processing gateway,
called “uPay.” Many departments have taken advantage of the features and usability of Touchnet Marketplace and have moved
or are in the process of moving their online e-commerce solutions to Touchnet Marketplace.

Some of the first uStores to be implemented was the Library's Testing Center. Their involvement from the beginning of the
implementation of the Marketplace environment was greatly beneficial to getting their store launched. Their store allows
them to collect user fees and registration for the TEAS V (Test of Essential Academic Skills.)

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