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 Round 1 TLI Talks:


Jim Gort  

 Study Abroad: Vacation or Vocation

Summary:  Although most faculty know Davenport offers study abroad options, many are unaware of the details of the three-week abroad, faculty-led summer programs.  This presentation will provide details about the experience including duties and tasks of the faculty member, life changing experiences of students, and learning opportunities for students and faculty.


Colleen Coughlin

 Difficult Stories – from one crooked perspective

Summary: Inspired Teaching for an Intercultural World requires we, as teachers, recognize the myriad ways in which we are are diverse. One area of diversity currently capturing American attention is sexual orientation. The existing research is crystal clear – one of the best ways to understand and learn about the LBGTQ community is to know someone who belongs. One way to get to know someone is to learn the story … this session will be mine.


Roque Neto and Megan Persons

 Where Are You from? Supporting International Faculty at DU

Summary: Drawing from research conducted across the nation, this session examines best practices for supporting international faculty members at the university level. In addition to outlining the benefits of international professors and presenting the challenges faced by this transnational group, this talk presents recommendations to overcome the barriers many international educators experience. This session also emphasizes Davenport University’s role in supporting its own international faculty members.


Brian Miller

 Innovators Gonna 'vate

 Summary: Come learn about innovative new approaches and technologies to support teaching and learning at Davenport.




Round 2 TLI Talks:  


Tim Pennings:

How Euclid and Einstein and other Eggheads have messed up our culture and your Worldview

Summary: Euclid revolutionized the world when he asked, "How do we know this is true?" Gauss shocked the world when he proved that there was more than one truth - some of them really strange. Einstein made it a double whammy when he showed that our universe may be one of those strange alternate truths. Amazingly, all of this affects the way we think about politics and business, and even how we live our personal lives.


Naim Saiti

 Data Literacy for the Informatics Age

Summary: Transition from the industrial to the informatics age has made huge impact on statistics, demanding different skills from workforce today. With the help of technology focus in teaching is on understanding ideas.

 What defines statistics is use of sample to study population, which amounts to partial induction, which is unacceptable in science. However, by making sample representative of population, and being able to control the error, made statistical thinking prevalent in business and science today.


Chris Hamstra

 The 'Muni' of Communication in the Learning Environment

Summary: “Great communication is as stimulating as coffee, and just as hard to sleep afterwards.” This quote summarizes the desire of many faculty members to create an inspired learning environment where everyone grows. Great communication – not just great presentation techniques – is an important and often overlooked connection found within inspired teaching. This Ted-style talk will briefly explore an understanding of communication and how this impacts the creation of sacred space through life-stories in the learning environment.


Jodi Hicks

 Orientation to Graduation, making DU students STARS, building constellations

Summary: Start, Stay, and Succeed. Orientation connects student with others and to DU. In addition, it is an opportunity for us to share expectations of students in the classroom. Information received at the beginning of their Davenport experience should be reinforced throughout all of their courses. This Ted talk will focus on the 5 key points of the Orientation presentation “Encouraging DU students to be STARS.




General Session:


Faculty day of research and Grant Awards


Faculty Research Day is an opportunity for participants to:


  • Share passion about their research

  • Discover possibilities for future research and collaboration

  • Encourage other faculty members to undertake research

  • Build their Vita

  • Gain professional recognition

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Steven Chew

 Title: Helping Students Succeed

Summary: Stephen L. Chew has been a professor and chair of psychology at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama since 1993. Trained as a cognitive psychologist, one of his primary research areas is the cognitive basis of effective teaching and learning. His research interests include the use of examples in teaching, the impact of cognitive load on learning, and the tenacious misconceptions that students bring with them into the classroom



Breakout Sessions

Getting Students Where the World is Going - Short Term Faculty Lead Programs at DU
Facilitated by Barb Craft, Gerald Nyambane, Neil Shepard and Dr. Steven Snyder

Summary: Travel abroad is not a vacation. It's a whole lot more. In this round table you can talk with faculty who have led short term Spring Summer Semester study abroad programs. You will hear some great stories and maybe get inspired to create one of your own. Plus, they know the ins and outs of making a proposal and who to work with in Global programs. 



Understanding the faculty role in working with students requiring accommodation
Facilitated by Becky Ventura

Summary: This presenter will discuss available resources, as well the proposed development a cache of teaching strategies for students requiring accommodation. The ultimate goal is to provide the same opportunities for these students as to non-disabled students while abiding with the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA).