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Sponsors and Vendors Supporting BUGMI 2015 

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These vendors have committed to providing expert, informative, and up-to-the-minute sessions for this conference.  In addition, their assistance allows BUGMI to continue to provide an inexpensive and valuable conference.  Please stop by to introduce yourself and thank the vendors for their support.

Ellucian delivers an innovative portfolio of technology solutions and strategic guidance to help education institutions thrive in a dynamic world. More than 2,400 institutions in 40 countries look to Ellucian for the ideas that will move education forward, helping people everywhere discover their futures through learning. Visit us at

Tom Gaertig, Client Partner

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ABOEX Information Systems Inc. is a software development company based in East Lansing, Michigan. Since 1997, we have been providing academic planning solutions to institutions of higher education with our flagship product - Academic Interface. It is the mission of our company to provide colleges and universities with highly integrated and intuitive software solutions that are also cost-effective. Our intricate knowledge of the higher education and IT industries along with our custom tailored software development, makes it easy for our clients to collaborate with each other and effectively manage all phases of their academic planning process.

Dan Howard, Application Consultant


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Cornerstone helps institutions to recruit, train and manage their people. We work with colleges and universities large and small including Ohio State, Oklahoma State and Cuyahoga Community College to help them engage their workforces and empower their people. In addition we are Ellucian’s Strategic Talent Management Provider and work with Banner and Colleague natively. Our software impacts every aspect of the employee experience, helping people to make their best work even better – which ultimately translates into greater business results.

Brad Duggan

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Evisions has been building great products and delivering fantastic service since 1998. Our products include Argos, an Enterprise Reporting Solution, IntelleCheck, a Payment Processing Solution, FormFusion, a Document Enhancement & Distribution Solution, Cayuse 424, a Proposal Development Solution, Cayuse SP, a Sponsored Project Life Cycle Management Solution and Cayuse IRB, an Online Protocol Creation, Submission and Management Solution. At Evisions, our highly experienced team is knowledgeable in the Higher Education. We are passionate about working with our clients to find the best solution. Evisions has over 900 clients worldwide most of whom use Banner® by Ellucian and Colleague® by Ellucian. We understand what Higher Education-based institutions need in regards to reporting, payment processing, data protection, grant submission and document handling. For more information about Evisions, our products and our services, please visit:

Brian Stevens, Account Executive

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Information Builders software solutions for business intelligence and analytics, integration, and data integrity allow everyone in a college or university to get the answers and insight they need from Banner, ODS, EDW, and any other system on campus.  Using simple BI apps on any desktop or device, all users -- from student advisors and IR analysts to university presidents -- can explore, visualize and analyze data to gain insights and make smarter decisions more easily.  Our dedication to customer success is unmatched in the industry. Stop by our booth to see how our Ellucian customers are doing it today, follow @infobldrs, and visit

Stacey Vince, Account Executive

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Merchants & Medical Credit Corporation was founded in 1960, as a corporation in the State of Michigan. We have grown from our humble beginnings of two collectors to a multifaceted collection agency serving numerous local, state and nationally based clients with a staff of over 100 employees utilizing state of the art collection technically.

Merchants & Medical Credit Corporation continues to grow in our 55 year history as we find a strong demand for a quality orientated agency that liquidates accounts at a high percentage while maintaining a professional relationship with the consumer.

Although we are a national agency licensed and/or bonded in all 50 states, Merchants & Medical Credit Corporation does not maintain branch offices. All collection efforts are concentrated in our Flint, Michigan location. This allows for greater internal control of accounts, due diligence, and compliance. 

Merchants & Medical Credit Corporation recognizes that we are collecting funds on behalf of our clients. We understand that you rely on us to deliver results while maintaining your community image. Our goal is to effectively and efficiently assist students with resolving their obligation, while negotiating an outcome that benefits everyone.  Merchants & Medical Credit Corporation is a leader in student account recovery. We attribute this high level of success to our unsurpassed 55 years of experience in collections, our Financial Counselors extensive training, our strong grasp of technology, and our quality student relations.

Patty Davis

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The National Student Clearinghouse, higher education’s trusted partner since 1993, provides free education reporting, verification, and transcript services to over 3,600 colleges, enrolling 98% of students in public and private U.S. institutions. Our strategic partnership with Ellucian has resulted in the FIRST no-cost, "touch-free," real-time electronic transcript ordering, processing, and delivery solution. Now official transcripts can be delivered worldwide via our free Transcript Services in MINUTES! As Ellucian’s exclusive strategic partner for transcripts, only the Clearinghouse can claim to be the #1 leader in integrated solutions. Ask us about our fully automated transcript solution and how we’ve simplified implementation.

Nancy Penna, Regional Director, Midwest/North Central
(703) 742-3270

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Oracle offers complete, integrated, market-leading solutions that enable higher education and research institutions to adapt to the changing needs and demands of all their constituents: students, faculty, researchers, staff, graduates and alumni, governance bodies, and the extended community of supporters and stakeholders. Oracle provides products and services to integrate software and hardware systems including database and data warehousing software, enterprise management products, middleware products, storage solutions and consulting services.

Regan Alfonso, National Account Manager - Higher Education & Research

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SciQuest delivers cloud-based business automation software solutions that help you manage your spending, suppliers, contracts, sourcing, shopping, inventory, and accounts payable more efficiently. Our business process automation solutions enable greater visibility and compliance organization-wide to help you gain control, optimize efficiencies, and reduce spend.

June Spear, Account Executive

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Since its inception, TouchNet has focused on its unwavering commitment to a seamless unification of campus commerce. Today, our products give you superior edge-to-edge campus commerce automation and integration. Rapid development of advanced technologies ensures your campus is always ahead of the curve. Tomorrow brings even more exciting possibilities now that we’re part of the Heartland Campus Solutions initiative.

Serving students and other constituents may be your mission, but securing and processing their payments is your challenge. With rising costs, escalating rules and regulations, and ever-growing student expectations for the latest electronic commerce technology, the job seems to get tougher all the time. We’re here to help—not just as a vendor, but as your commerce partner. We have your student’s best interest at heart, just like you do. We look for opportunities where you can save time and money, improve student services, and better secure payment data. We offer you the broadest range of campus commerce solutions available today and help you successfully navigate a shifting commerce landscape.

Matt McGehee, Regional Sales Manager – Great Lakes Region

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Tracy, Inc. provides consulting, system design, implementation and support of data acquisition systems featuring the UltraTime Enterprise time & attendance system. Software modules include Real-Time Trigger based Payroll/HR interfaces, Multiple Positions, Student Work Study Award Tracking, Accrual Benefit Tracking and UltraBadge Enterprise, an integrated ID production system. Data Collection options include web based, IP Phone, biometrics, time clocks and mobile data collection solutions.

Scott A. Mowery, Technical Sales Manager

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