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Adjunct Employment

As an adjunct faculty at Davenport, you are joining a supportive academic community dedicated to helping you engage and retain students.  DU Faculty have free access to many professional development resources including self-paced online modules, in-seat workshops and online facilitated learning opportunities. 

Davenport offers active Adjunct Faculty Tuition Remission benefits.  Adjunct faculty are eligible for one hundred percent tuition remission to a maximum of two courses per semester when they are teaching at least once during that semester.  Dependents of adjunct faculty are eligible for fifty percent tuition remission per semester through December 31, 2018. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Adjunct employees considered “regular” employees?

A:  Adjunct employees at the University are assigned classes on a semester by semester basis and are classified as temporary employees.

Q: What benefits/perks are available for adjunct instructors?

A: Adjunct faculty receive tuition benefits (see next question for details) as well as the following:

  • Bookstore Discount – 20% off all bookstore and on-line spirit store merchandise.  
  • Library Services – free use of the library, student areas at each campus location and services including research which is available globally. 
  • Access to professional development:  Our adjuncts enjoy access to a wealth of training material, literature and resources online at Develop U ranging from specific online modules to help us each teach with excellence to technical learning or refreshers by way of online content. The learning is set up for you as self-study and self-paced in recognition that you are on your own time. 
  • Parking – Free parking permit each academic year. 
  • Fitness Center – full use of the fitness center, athletic courts, and the indoor track that is located in the student center on the W.A. Lettinga Campus. 
  • Athletic Pass – One free pass to all DU regular season athletic events.

Q: What tuition benefits would I receive as an adjunct instructor?

A:  Adjunct instructors are eligible to receive discounted tuition at Davenport University. For Adjunct instructors, the tuition benefit is 100% tuition remission to a maximum of two courses per semester.  

Q: What professional development is available for adjunct instructors?

A: Adjunct instructors participate in orientation and additional professional development opportunities throughout the academic year. Want to get started with YOUR professional development right away?  Visit DU Faculty Readiness for resources you can access even before you receive your DU login credentials.  After hire, you will have access to a full suite of resources on Develop U, our internal learning management system.  

Q: How do I go about applying?

A:  Interested individuals are asked to apply according to the specifications listed within the job posting.

Q: What is the hiring process?

A:  The adjunct hiring process is managed through Davenport University’s academic team. After a thorough review of a candidate’s application materials the academic leaders invite the most qualified candidates to participate in an assessment. Through these assessments, or hiring events, applicants undergo a series of interviews and provide a lesson demonstration. Final hiring decisions are made based upon the candidate performances at these events. 

Q: How do I apply to become a distinguished adjunct?

A: Here is link to the process.