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Trustee Scholarship
Trustee Scholarship

Maximum Annual Amount

$12,500 test

Per Semester Amounts

Full time: $6,250 (full-time enrollment is required for fall and winter semesters)

Student Type

New high school student

Program Type


To Qualify

To Qualify: Minimum 3.90 CGPA (overall GPA) OR minimum 1400 SAT (verbal + math) and 3.50 CGPA OR minimum 30 ACT and 3.50 CGPA.

AVAILABLE FOR NEW HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS BEGINNING IN THE 2017-2018 ACADEMIC YEAR.  Recipients must be U.S. citizens and graduate from a U.S. based high school.


Up to 4 years or bachelor's degree (whichever is shorter)

Renewal CGPA

3.60 (checked at the end of winter semester for awarding for the following academic year)