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Community Leader Scholarship
Community Leader Scholarship

Maximum Annual Amount


Per Semester Amounts

6 credits or more:$750, less then 6 credits: $375

Student Type

New high school student
New adult student
New transfer student
Continuing student
New graduate-level student
Continuing graduate-level student

Program Type

Graduate (any masters program)

To Qualify

Scholarship based on availability of funds.  If you have been awarded the Community Leader Scholarship (CLS), please submit your requested documentation, using the form below.  For all other students, the CLS has been fully awarded for the Fall 2017 Semester.

Students must be admitted to Davenport University and provide proof of employment at a company that is a member in good standing of a Chamber of Commerce* in the State of Michigan.

Student needs to submit the documentation to their financial aid counselor

*The Community Leader Scholarship can not be combined with other qualifying Davenport University discounts and scholarships.


Not automatically renewable

Renewal CGPA