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Maximum Annual Amount


Per Semester Amounts

Full-time: $3,000 3/4time: $2,250

Student Type

New high school student
Continuing student

Program Type


To Qualify

One of the following must be met for high school students to qualify:

  • Minimum 3.75 high school CGPA (overall GPA) OR minimum 1320 SAT and 3.0 CGPA OR minimum 28 ACT and 3.0 CGPA 
  • BPA, DECA, HOSA or Skills USA national top 10 finalist within field/category and 3.0 minimum CGPA. Submit a copy of your certificate to the Financial Aid Office.

One of the following must be met for transfer students to qualify:

  • Transfer in a minimum of 15 college-level credits and have a minimum 3.75 CGPA from transferring institution.
  • BPA or DECA national top 10 finisher within field/category and 3.0 minimum CGPA from transferring institution. Must be a current active member of the BPA or DECA club at transferring school. 


Up to 4 years or bachelor's degree (whichever is shorter)

Renewal CGPA

3.40 (checked at the end of the winter semester for awarding for the following academic year)