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ProQuest - MeL
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• 100% full‐text
• 1600+ magazines & journal titles
• 215+ newspapers & newswire titles
• 390+ digitized books
• 7.6 million images
• 7,000+ maps (current and historical)
• 1.2 million TV & Radio transcripts
• 18,000+ video clips
• 90,000+ selected Web links
• 5500+ Essential Content Pages (summary articles with consolidated results pulled together and synthesized on most-often-searched topics)
• Slideshow Generator
• Timeline Generator

Has media-rich content including high-quality images (news, current and historical events, maps, graphs, art, etc.), streaming video clips, educator-approved websites, interactive videos and online content that demonstrates concepts through seeing and doing.

You can also create timelines (linking out to URLs or elibrary content) and slideshows, save lists, tag articles, and add notes to articles.