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Payroll Frequently Asked Questions



How do I get my Form W-2

Current employees- Log in to the Davenport website and go to My Connections.  From the Staff Connection tab, select Payroll Services and select W-2 Form-Tax Statement.

Former employees- W-2 forms will be mailed to the MA address that we have on file before January 31st.  Former employees can also access their W-2 form electronically for up to one year after leaving the university.

Non-Michigan residents-If you completed work for Davenport University in a state other than Michigan, you will be sent separate instructions on how to access your W-2 form through Acrisure.

Why do I have to give consent before I can obtain my W-2 form electronically?

In a continued effort to reduce costs and improve efficiency, employees may now consent to receive all future W-2 statements only in electronic format. Electronic access is available at the same easy-to-use, secure web site at which employees can currently access pay statements.  If an employee chooses not to consent to receiving only an electronic version of their W-2, the form W-2 will be generated and mailed to the address on file on or before January 31 of each year.  

Consent can be revoked at any time by the employee and will be automatically revoked upon end of employment with Davenport University.

Can I still get a copy of my W-2 mailed to me?

Yes, but we encourage employees to obtain their W-2 form through the Davenport website.  Hard copy W-2 forms are mailed near the end of January.  However, electronic forms are available much earlier.  If you wish to have a copy mailed to you, do not (or remove) your consent to receive the form electronically.

My address on the W-2 is incorrect, what should I do?

A corrected W-2 is not required for an incorrect address.  If you are a current employee, please make sure you update your address.

The wages on my W-2 do not match my appointment letter or my final pay statement.  What is the problem?

The W-2 reflects taxable earnings, while check stubs and appointment letters show total gross earnings. Taxable earnings do not include any pre tax deductions, including medical, dental, vision, flex spending, HSA and retirement contributions.  Employees do not have to pay taxes on those amounts, so they are not included on the W-2 form.

I think I was shorted pay, how do I research this to see if there is a problem? 

As stated in question #4, there are several factors that go into calculating taxable wages.  Please see the description of taxable wages on the How to Read Your W-2 instructions. If you still have questions, please email us at

The check for the last two weeks of 2014 is not included on my W-2.  Is that correct?

The W-2 form only reports what is paid to employees during the calendar year.  Checks issued in 2015, regardless of the pay period coverage will be reported on the 2015 W-2 form.

My tax preparer said that Davenport did not withhold enough State/Federal taxes.  Why not?

Davenport withholds state, federal and local taxes based on the information that you have provided to us when you completed the W-4 form.  Additionally, if your earnings are under a certain threshold, you may not have been subject to any federal or state withholding taxes.  You can submit an updated Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate W-4 form to adjust your withholdings at any time if you are not having enough withheld from your pay check.

I’m a student worker, but Social Security and Medicare taxes were not withheld.  Is that correct?

If you meet certain requirements under the student worker exemption, you may not be subject to Social Security and Medicare taxes.  Davenport’s payroll and human resources departments closely monitors student exemptions for these taxes.  If you have additional concerns, please contact

I have local taxes taken out, why?

If you live or work in a city (within city limits) that imposes a local income tax, you may be required to have local taxes withheld from your pay check.  The following cities have tax implications for Davenport employees: Detroit, Flint, Lansing, Lapeer, Walker, Grand Rapids, Battle Creek and Saginaw.  If you have moved into or out of any of these cities, please contact payroll for assistance.

I live or work in a city listed in question #10, but nothing has been withheld.  How do I fix that?

Please complete the appropriate city tax form, located in the payroll services section of the Davenport website (Tax information) or contact the payroll department for assistance.