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Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Equipping and supporting faculty, staff and students for inclusive excellence at DU

We cultivate a community where similarities and differences are understood, respected and valued. We promote full participation of all community members and support multiple perspectives and diversity of thought. DEI is the framework for the way we engage talent and use resources, including but not limited to physical and fiscal, to conduct business as we equip students, staff and faculty for an inclusive way of being and leading in the world.

Initiatives and Resources
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DEI Vision

We invite you to join us as we band together across our campuses to ensure all DU community members have equal and fair access to all opportunities and to dismantle discrimination of any kind, including race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic class, national origin, physical ability, age, religious affiliation, or veteran status.

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Inclusion Initiatives

We invite you to gain understanding and increase your diversity skills! Join other Davenport students and faculty who want to be diversity innovators by checking out activities and sharing your ideas.

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Services and Resources

Davenport's DEI office is committed to enhancing our learning, living and work environment. Listed below are links to a variety of information resources for students, staff and faculty.

Diversity and Equity News
Joe Biden Was a Change Agent on Title IX. But His Presidential Campaign May Shine a Harsher Light on Him.
The former senator and vice president was the most prominent public official behind the federal government’s campaign against campus sexual assault. Yet concerns about his behavior have complicated his advocacy for women.
‘They’re Not Even Making Sure They’re Correct’: Botched Transcripts Add Insult to Injury for Students Abandoned by Dream Center Closures
Some records of grades and coursework from the shuttered for-profit colleges are not on stamped or watermarked paper, and some bear the wrong GPAs.
3 Takeaways From a New Survey on Administrative Pay
An annual survey of administrators shows that they received bigger raises than professors did, and that women and minorities seldom hold the highest-paid deanships.
What’s Really Behind Employers’ Interest in Education?
Employers aren’t shy when it comes to complaining about the faults of colleges in preparing students for the workplace. But what’s their contribution?
The Daily Briefing
The Daily Briefing tells individual subscribers everything they need to know about higher ed. Here’s a sample.
Grad Students at Private Colleges Were Cleared to Unionize 3 Years Ago. Here’s What’s Changed.
The sky has not fallen since 2016, for either graduate students or their universities. And now collective bargaining is proceeding on a number of campuses, on issues that extend beyond pay.
Warren’s Free-College Plan Would Cancel Student Debt for Millions
The $1.25-trillion plan, revealed on Monday, would eliminate up to $50,000 of debt for 42 million borrowers.
What It Means, Politically, to Serve Hispanics
The mission that Hispanic-serving institutions fulfill should go beyond meeting white normative standards, says the author of a new book.
What I'm Reading: ‘Connected by the Ear’
A book on the Romantic lecture reminds a language professor why she prefers to be a "guide at the side" in the classroom.
Selected New Books on Higher Education
The latest titles include an examination of the political persecution of historians and a guide on how to incorporate project-based learning into college students’ first year.
For Higher Ed’s Sexual-Assault Survivors, John Manly Is the Brass-Knuckled Lawyer of Choice
Based in California, Manly represents hundreds of women who say they were sexually abused or mistreated by doctors at Michigan State University and the University of Southern California. He blames “vile” university leaders for failing to act.
The Fall, and Rise, of Reading
Students often don’t complete assigned reading. Professors are finding ways to solve that puzzle.
Controversial Speaker, His Event Canceled by Middlebury College, Finds an Audience in a Campus Seminar
Ryszard Legutko, a right-wing Polish politician known for incendiary comments on gay rights, engaged in a brisk question-and-answer session with students in the class.
‘Empowerment Self-Defense’ Programs Make Women Safer. Why Don’t More Colleges Use Them?
Self-defense courses that focus on making female students stronger and more confident can be controversial. Some people say they place a burden on women to protect themselves.
Professor Says Arizona State Forced Him to Fail Students. The University Says That’s ‘Unequivocally Wrong.’
The economics professor says he lost his job because he called out unfair grading and costs levied on students.
A Transgender Student Lost His ROTC Scholarship and Made National Headlines. But the Defense Department Says Gender Has Nothing to Do With It.
Map Pesqueira, a freshman at UT-Austin, says he lost his ROTC scholarship because of Trump’s new ban on transgender service members. The Defense Department says he was disqualified for unrelated reasons.
6 Majors Were Spared the Ax at Stevens Point. But the Damage Might Be Done.
Citing savings from faculty departures, the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point said it no longer planned to eliminate the programs. But those departures have had their own effects.
What the Mueller Report Reveals About the Globe-Trotting Professor Who Spoke of ‘Dirt’ on Clinton
Joseph Mifsud, a former London-based academic with Kremlin ties, also connected Donald Trump’s foreign-policy adviser with Russians. Now no one can seem to find him.
Getting Students Through College Is One Thing. Here’s How Georgetown U. Helps Them Adjust to Life Afterward.
Georgetown’s Red House is offering graduating seniors a set of minicourses to help them bridge the gap between graduation and working life.  
The Students Called the TA a ‘Nazi.’ He Said He’s Not a White Supremacist. The University Ruled He Could Return to the Classroom.
Key to the dispute at the University of Alabama at Birmingham is a CV that highlights the graduate student’s “European ancestry.” But he insists he is no longer a member of Identity Evropa, a white-supremacist group.
Davenport Earns Visionary Award for 2016

We invite you to join us as we band together across our campuses to ensure all DU community members have equal and fair access to all opportunities and to dismantle discrimination of any kind, including race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic class, national origin, physical ability, age, religious affiliation, or veteran status.

Rhae-Ann Booker
Executive Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)
Lettinga Campus

Rhae-Ann Booker serves as the Executive Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) at Davenport University. She earned both her MSW and PhD in Evaluation, Measurement and Research Design at Western Michigan University, and her BA in Sociology at Calvin College. Her research interests include diversity strategies, organizational development, and college access. She leads strategic planning and the development of training curricula and programs to strengthen skills and commitment for compositionally and behaviorally advancing inclusion.  She is also a certified Cultural Intelligence (CQ) facilitator. 

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