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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council

DEI Council

Our inter-campus, cross-functional Council serves as an advisory and working group for coordination of the University's efforts in regard to inter-cultural competence, diversity and inclusion. Nominated faculty, staff and students must apply for membership terms ranging from one to three years. The Council meets monthly and is co-chaired by the executive director of diversity, equity and inclusion and by an identified faculty member. Additionally, each Council members serves on a DEI Council subcommittee: Academics, Data, Human Resources, Cultural Enggement Events, and Supplier Diversity. 

How to Get Involved: To be considered for Council membership, you can self-nominate or be nominated by your peers or colleagues. Let us know of your interest by writing to us at and sharing why you would like to serve on the Council--what you hope to contribute and gain.

Please note: Due to the time commitment of attending monthly two-hour Council meetings and serving on a DEI subcommittee, supervisor's approval is required for all faculty and staff. 

To learn more about the Council, see the Charter.

To view the DEI Council's minutes, please click here.

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