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DEI Program Development Fund

A Culture of Change

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Council coordinates Davenport's efforts to become a more diverse, equitable and inclusive organization. We are looking for ideas and opportunities to enhance DEI across all campuses. 

In an effort to do so, we are soliciting proposals for activities and programs that increase knowledge, understanding and/or value in one or more of these five areas:

  1. Seeks and understands importance of engaging with others who are different from one's self
  2. Seeks to include diversity of thought, people, and experiences
  3. Increases understanding of the effects of culture
  4. Shows openness by listening without judgment when not in agreement
  5. Responds appropriately to unfair and intolerant behaviors

We encourage proposals that initiate new efforts and engage broad groups of students and/or employees across our campuses and on-line communities.

For the purpose of the Diversity Program Development Fund: Program Development is defined as the creation, planning and implementation of a coordinated set of activities and events designed to enhance internal diversity program development.

Questions? Ideas?

We would love to consider your potential activities or programs.
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