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Accelerated Learning Program

Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) to enter MATH125 or ENGL109

ALP means that you are associated with two classes at the same time:  the Foundation of Learning 000-level class and a higher college-ready class. Here’s how ALP works:

ALP Math:  Students testing into MATH030, can be placed into select sections of MATH125 scheduled on the same day and time as a MATH030 section. The instructors in these specially designated sections of MATH125 are trained to quickly build the skills covered in MATH030.  After the first three weeks, students who are struggling may opt to switch into a section of MATH030 taught at the same time and day. This means students will not need to change their schedule.

The Accelerated Math125 program is not an option in the traditional 7-week Online format. Students will be allowed to switch into Math030 during the drop/add period for Online classes which is the first two days of the session. Faculty will work with students if there is any concern regarding Math placement.

Math classes in the RTV format will follow the on-campus Accelerated Learning policy.

ALP English:  Students enroll in a supporting lab -- ENGL109L -- and ENGL109 in the same semester.  These ALP sections have the same instructor. The personalized instruction in the ENGL109L section supports content and assignments covered in the corresponding ENGL109 course. 

To participate in Accelerated Learning, contact your Advisor before the semester you intend to take your first math or English course. The advisor will help you schedule into an ALP section.

For additional detailed information, contact your Academic Advisor or e-mail the Interim Associate Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Gerald Nyambane: