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Welcome to New @ DU Orientation!

New @ DU Orientation

Orientation is a way for students to become familiar with University resources and policies and will provide you the information you need to start your collegiate journey. Whether you are a new high school graduate attending the Grand Rapids W.A. Lettinga campus or any other DU campus, we want to officially welcome you to the DU community through our New @ DU Orientation. You will be given a wealth of information in a short period of time. The entire Davenport University community has come together to support students’ success and assist you in your transition to college life.

The orientation process that students go through depends on the type of student. Please click the appropriate button for you!

I'm a recent high school graduate that plans on attending class at the W.A. Lettinga campus in Grand Rapids and needs to sign-up for in-seat orientation. High School Graduate
I'm an adult and/or transfer student and would just like to sign up for the in-seat orientation. Adults and Transfers