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Print Management

Print Management

In an ongoing effort to be fiscally responsible and keep costs under control, Davenport University will soon install a Print Management System by Equitrac. Not only have systems like this been a best practice across the country at other universities, but print management systems also drastically reduce printing costs. In addition, it can have a positive effect on the environment by reducing waste and saving paper.

Free Prints available by number of credits

Credit Hours
Print quota $ amount #Prints/Copies
6 $24 240 b/w or 96 color, or combination up to $ amt
9 $36 360 b/w or 144 color, or combination up to $ amt
12 $48 480 b/w or 192 color, or combination up to $ amt
15 + $60 600 b/w or 240 color, or combination up to $ amt

Beginning with fall semester 2012, Davenport students will be awarded an allotment of free prints and copies per semester based on the number of credit hours they are registered for. Equitrac is an automated printing system that processes print/copy requests and assesses any fees beyond your print quota. If you exhaust your free print quota, you will need to purchase additional Panther Dollars at DU-posit. Panther Dollars can be used for printing, meals on campus and laundry (for those of you that are residential students).

For any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Print Management Response Team at Print Management - Contact us. Thank you.

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