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Print Reduction Tips

Print Reduction Tips

Below are some tips on helping reduce your carbon footprint and our $1,000,000 price tag on printing.

  • Distribute information electronically. Instead of printing out a meeting agenda, perhaps you could share your agenda using Google Docs. Members of your meeting can then pull up the information on their cell phone, tablet or laptop! If you need help with Google Docs, there are a number of tutorials that can help you out through DevelopU.
  • Print in black and white. Color prints cost more than black and white. Help reduce your costs by printing simple images in black and white.
  • Print range - There is no need to print an entire twelve page document if all you need is one or two pages of the document. When you go to print your document, simply choose the selection of pages you would like.
  • Print more than one page per sheet - This works especially well for PowerPoint presentations. In the print dialog box click on "1 Page Per Sheet" to change print more than one page per sheet.