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Leadership and Organizational Performance, BS
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Be ready to create and manage performance-based organizations.  Uniquely blending project management, operations, quality management, supply chain, and contract negotiation, acquire the tools and experience necessary to measure and implement change.  Your degree is an investment not only for tomorrow’s business challenges, but also for those well into the future. This program readies you to excel in the new economy, where results count.   

Built from a solid foundation of key business, we have created a degree that meshes key areas that will resound clearly to employers and provide you with a payoff as an entrepreneur. Demonstrate that you have the ability to contribute to a start-up or innovation-minded organization. The Bachelor of Science in Leadership and Organizational Performance provides you with essential knowledge and demonstrable skills to think strategically about organizational positioning and success strategies in today’s market to get things done. You will work hard to earn this challenging degree and the highly marketable skills that go along with it.  

The Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership and Performance can be completed in-seat or online

Why Davenport University?

  • Be a Leader of Change: With a focus on design thinking and strategic implementation, this program provides the tools necessary to create and manage change in organizations.
  • Recognize and Promote Quality: Industries grow and change but survive only if there is an understanding of how to apply data analytics to operations. Be a player armed with the realistic, quantitative skills necessary to enter, advance and lead. 
  • Deal Yourself In: Smart contract development, sharp negotiation skills and an understanding of product liability and intellectual property makes the difference between working for a living and success.   
  • Get things done: With a hefty emphasis on tools and techniques needed to effectively manage projects, source materials and talent, develop the skills to effectively establish goals, manage expectations and lead professional teams. 
  • Logisticians (Supply Chain Management) - $74,260


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Full Curriculum


This program blends project management, operations, quality management, supply chain, and contract negotiation into a single degree designed to develop leaders in the new economy. Students build the skills necessary to measure, implement and effectively manage change that are required in many key positions. The degree also enhances knowledge of managerial tools and techniques to effectively lead projects, source quality materials and talent. This unique major focuses skill building in 4 specific business areas: Leadership Skills, Operations, Quality and Sustainable Business Practice, Project Management, and Legal Acumen.

Which class should I take? When should I take it?
2018-2019 Recommended Program Sequences for Leadership and Organizational Performance, BS (LEAD PERF BS):

Leadership & Organizational Performance, BS and printable pdf download


Foundations of Excellence33 cr.
ACES100 or OPENAchieving Career and Education Success or (if exempt) Open Elective3 cr.
COMM120Presentation Techniques3 cr.
DATA275Introduction to Data Analytics3 cr.
ECON200Microeconomics3 cr.
ECON201Macroeconomics3 cr.
ENGL109Composition3 cr.
ENGL110Advanced Composition3 cr.
ENGL311Professional Writing3 cr.
MATH125Intermediate Algebra3 cr.
STAT220Introduction to Statistics3 cr.
SOSC201Diversity in Society3 cr.
Foundations of Business35 cr.
ACCT201Accounting Foundations I4 cr.
ACCT202Accounting Foundations II 4 cr.
BITS211Microcomputer Applications: Spreadsheets3 cr.
BUSN210Professional Ethics3 cr.
CISP111Requirements Planning and Development3 cr.
FINC211Corporate Finance3 cr.
GPMT287Principles of Project Management3 cr.
HRMG213Human Resource Management3 cr.
LEGL210Business Law Foundations3 cr.
MGMT211Management Foundations3 cr.
MKTG211Marketing Foundations3 cr.
Major42 cr.
Leadership(12) cr.
MGMT316Innovation and Managing Change3 cr.
MGMT321Organizational Behavior3 cr.
MGMT375Leadership Discovery3 cr.
MGMT447Design Thinking and Strategy Development3 cr.
Operations and Quality(9) cr.
MGMT357Operations Management3 cr.
MGMT412Quality Management3 cr.
MGMT413Sustainable Supply Chain Management3 cr.
Project Management(9) cr.
GPMT400Project Financial/Risk Analysis3 cr.
GPMT410Global Sourcing for Projects3 cr.
GPMT446Project Quality Management3 cr.
Legal(9) cr.
LEGL401Employment and Labor Law3 cr.
LEGL425Contracts and Product Liability3 cr.
HRMG431Negotiation and Dispute Resolution3 cr.
Experiential Learning(3) cr.
BUSN489 or MGMT490Field Experience in Business or Management BBA Internship3-6 cr.
Open Electives10 cr.