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The Honors Professional Accountancy program provides students with the eligibility to sit for five professional accounting certification exams (CPA, CMA, CIA, CFE and CISA) along with special recognition on the transcript.  Students in this program also have the opportunity to earn both the BBA in Accounting Information Management and the MBA with a concentration in Accounting in a five-year period.  In addition, this program features selective admission with enrollment caps, dedicated faculty mentors assigned to each student, required experiential learning as part of the curriculum, and cohorts for all accounting coursework.

Preadmission Requirements:
• Letter of application may be submitted but will not be considered until after completion of 30 credit hours with a 3.25 GPA overall and in major courses.
• Completion of ACCT202 with a B+ or higher or the transfer of ACCT202 with a B+ or higher
• Two letters of reference
• Committee interview (committee will be comprised of the Associate Dean in charge of Accounting and Finance, the Accounting Honors Program Director, and the Department Coordinator for Accounting and Finance at the respective site of application.) 

Continued Enrollment Requirements:
• Maintenance of 3.0 GPA overall and in major courses.
• A Statement of Purpose must be submitted prior to beginning graduate-level coursework.

Both degrees will be awarded with the completion of the 150 credit hour program. 


**Which class should I take? When should I take it?  Please click here for a recommended program sequence.

Foundations of Excellence 39 cr.
COMM120 Presentation Techniques 3 cr.
ECON200 Microeconomics 3 cr.
ECON201 Macroeconomics 3 cr.
ENGL109 Composition 3 cr.
ENGL110 Advanced Composition 3 cr.
ENGL311 Professional Writing 3 cr.
FRSM100 Career and Education Seminar 3 cr.
MATH125 Intermediate Algebra 3 cr.
STAT220 Introduction to Statistics 3 cr.
SOSC201 Diversity in Society 3 cr.
HUMN Humanities Elective 3 cr.
SOSC Social Science Elective 3 cr.
ENVS125 or SCI/MATH Environmental Studies or Science/Mathematics Elective 3 cr.
Foundations of Business 32 cr.
ACCT201 Accounting Foundations I 4 cr.
ACCT202 Accounting Foundations II 4 cr.
ACCT220 Accounting Information Technology 3 cr.
BITS211 Microcomputer Applications: Spreadsheet 3 cr.
BUSN120 Introduction to Business 3 cr.
BUSN210 Professional Ethics 3 cr.
FINC211 Corporate Finance 3 cr.
LEGL210 Business Law Foundations 3 cr.
MGMT211 Management Foundations 3 cr.
MKTG211 Marketing Foundations 3 cr.
Major 77 cr.
ACCT213 Cost Accounting 3 cr.
ACCT301 Intermediate Accounting I 4 cr.
ACCT302 Intermediate Accounting II 4 cr.
ACCT310 Accounting Fraud Examination 3 cr.
ACCT315 Federal Taxation I 3 cr.
ACCT316 Federal Taxation II 3 cr.
ACCT320 Auditing and Assurance Services 3 cr.
ACCT415 Advanced Accounting Topics 3 cr.
ACCT420 Government and Not-For-Profit Accounting 3 cr.
ACCT490 Accounting BBA Internship 3 cr.
BUSN488T BBA Major Field Test 0 cr.
HNRS301-306 Honors Accountancy Projects 0 cr.
IAAS221 Security Foundations 3 cr.
IAAS332 Authentication and Audits 3 cr.
Graduate Level courses 39 cr.
ACCT600-700 Graduate Level Accounting Elective 3 cr.
ACCT625 Accounting Information Systems 3 cr.
ACCT640 Managerial Accounting 3 cr.
ACCT650 CPA Responsibilities & Ethics 3 cr.
ACCT760 Internal Controls and Legal Issues 3 cr.
BUSN650 Business Analysis 3 cr.
ECON625 Managerial Economics 3 cr.
FINC620 Financial Management 3 cr.
MGMT645 Organizational Development and Culture 3 cr.
MGMT755 or MGMT780 Strategic Management and Planning or Global Business Strategies 3 cr.
MKTG610 Marketing Strategies 3 cr.
Capstone 6 cr.
ACCT795 Accounting Research 3 cr.
CAPS790/799/SABR781 Capstone Internship/Experience/Study Abroad Experience 3 cr.
Open Electives 2 cr.