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Competency-Based Master of Business Administration, MBA
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Competency Based MBA

The CMBA is designed for experienced, highly motivated business professionals and managers who would like an alternative to the traditional classroom method of earning an MBA program. This innovative program prepares you to advance your career in management positions in business and non-profit organizations in fast growth industries. If you’re a self-directed professional with strong self-discipline and organizational skills, employed for 3 years or more after completing your undergraduate degree in business or a related field, then this program is for you!

The entire CMBA is exclusively online and is can be taken during regular 15-week semesters. You and your faculty coach will design a customized degree plan that arranges the proficiency modules so you can complete the program at your own pace.

For additional information on this program please visit our CMBA webpage. Take the assessment test if you feel you are a good candidate for this program.

Professional Competency Areas

  • Accounting
  • Business Law & Ethics
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Quantitative Business Analysis
  • Strategic Management

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Full Curriculum


The Competency-Based MBA (CMBA) program uses direct assessment of student competency, as opposed to traditional seat time or credit hour courses, to measure specific content knowledge and skills.  Students progress at their own pace toward the completion of their degree in an average of 20 months.  With the utilization of transfer credits and credit for prior learning, students can progress more quickly to complete their degree in as little as 12 months.  The program is comprised of 14 Professional Competencies and 1 Career Effectiveness Competency accessed through 84 content modules that align with key abilities employers expect from MBA graduates.

Which class should I take? When should I take it?

2017-2018 Recommended Program Sequence for MBA - 30 credit version and MBA - 30 credit version - Printable PDF Download pdf download

Accounting Professional Competency0 cr.
CACC701Asset, Liability & Equity Accounts0 cr.
CACC702Analyze & Record Transactions0 cr.
CACC703Financial Statements0 cr.
CACC704Managerial Accounting Reports0 cr.
CACC705Production Accounting Reports0 cr.
CACC706Activity Based Costing (ABC)0 cr.
CACC707Cost Systems & Variance Analysis0 cr.
CACC708Accounting & Financial Reporting0 cr.
CACC709Managerial Decision Making0 cr.
CACC710Profit Planning & Budgeting0 cr.
Business Law and Ethics Professional Competency0 cr.
CLGL701Organization of Legal Systems0 cr.
CLGL702Business Structure & Governance0 cr.
CLGL703Business Regulations0 cr.
CLGL704Tort Law & Liability0 cr.
CLGL705Contracts & Legal Agreements0 cr.
CLGL706Corporate Social Responsibility0 cr.
CLGL707Ethical Foundations for Corporate Cultures0 cr.
Economics Professional Competency0 cr.
CECO701Demand & Supply Models0 cr.
CECO702Price Elasticity Concepts0 cr.
CECO703Production & Cost Analysis0 cr.
CECO704Perfect Competition & Monopoly0 cr.
CECO705Imperfect Competition0 cr.
CECO706International Trade Theory0 cr.
Finance Professional Competency0 cr.
CFIN701Financial Markets0 cr.
CFIN702Financial Statement Analysis0 cr.
CFIN703Financial Flows & Forecasts0 cr.
CFIN704Working Capital Management0 cr.
CFIN705Finance Management0 cr.
CFIN706Capital Budgeting0 cr.
CFIN707Global Financial Management0 cr.
Global Dimensions Professional Competency0 cr.
CGLD701Globalization of Business0 cr.
CGLD702Cultural & Ethical Dimensions0 cr.
CGLD703Financing Global Transactions0 cr.
CGLD704Global Marketing Environment0 cr.
CGLD705Entering Foreign Markets0 cr.
CGLD706International Business Law0 cr.
Human Resource Management Professional Competency0 cr.
CHRM701Strategic Perspectives in HR0 cr.
CHRM702Workforce Planning & Staffing0 cr.
CHRM703Human Resource Development0 cr.
CHRM704Organizational Reward Systems0 cr.
CHRM705Employee Relations 0 cr.
Information Management Professional Competency0 cr.
CINF701IT Concepts0 cr.
CINF702Applications of Technology0 cr.
CINF703Systems Development0 cr.
CINF704Managing of IT0 cr.
CINF705Access to IT Knowledge0 cr.
Marketing Professional Competency0 cr.
CMKT701Strategic Marketing Concepts0 cr.
CMKT702Market Opportunity Analysis0 cr.
CMKT703Market Segmentation0 cr.
CMKT704Product & IMC Decisions0 cr.
CMKT705Price & Distribution Decisions0 cr.
CMKT706Marketing Metrics0 cr.
Operations Management Professional Competency0 cr.
COPM701Operations Strategy & Analytics0 cr.
COPM702Production & Service Processes0 cr.
COPM703Supply Chain Processes0 cr.
COPM704Project Management0 cr.
COPM705Quality Systems0 cr.
COPM706Global Logistics & Procurement0 cr.
Organizational Leadership Professional Competency0 cr.
CORB701Organizational Behavior Principles0 cr.
CORB702Individual Behavior0 cr.
CORB703Individual Processes0 cr.
CORB704Group/Team Processes0 cr.
CORB705Leadership0 cr.
CORB706Organizational Processes0 cr.
CORB707Ethics in Leadership0 cr.
CORB708Developing Others0 cr.
CORB709Leadership Development0 cr.
Quantitative Business Analysis Professional Competency0 cr.
CQBA701Data Analysis Principles0 cr.
CQBA702Descriptive Statistical Methods0 cr.
CQBA703Inferential Statistical Methods0 cr.
CQBA704Hypothesis Testing Principles0 cr.
CQBA705Advanced Hypothesis Testing0 cr.
Strategic Management Professional Competency0 cr.
CSMG701External Environmental Analysis0 cr.
CSMG702Creating Competitive Advantage0 cr.
CSMG703Diversification & Global Strategy0 cr.
CSMG704Implementation & Controls0 cr.
CSMG705Entrepreneurship & Innovation0 cr.
CSMG706Capstone Experience0 cr.