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Nursing Pre-Licensure, BSN
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This program is designed for students who have chosen to pursue a career as a professional nurse. The purpose of the bachelor’s degree nursing program at Davenport University is to prepare the graduate with the skill and knowledge ­necessary to function in the role of the professional nurse through the use of critical thinking, advanced assessment skills, communication, collaborating practices, applied research, self-directed learning, leadership and management skills, systems thinking, and professional development. This program prepares graduates for nursing practice across the continuum of care and in communities.

Program seats are limited and entry is competitive. Students are admitted to the program based on their cumulative GPA, TEAS scores, professional recommendations, and a personal essay. Students who meet admissions criteria will be provisionally admitted to the program pending completion of the Criminal Background Check (CBC) and Drug Screen (DS).

*Upon acceptance of a nursing seat, the following courses within the Nursing Pre-Licensure BSN program are required to be completed at Davenport University (BIOL110/110L, BIOL221/221L, BIOL222/222L, BIOL211/211L, BIOL312). Credits for required biology courses will not be transferred after nursing seat acceptance.

*Nursing Pre-Licensure BSN students may take online offerings with permission of the Nursing Department.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree requirements must be met based on the catalog year of acceptance to the BSN Nursing Pre-Licensure program.

Which class should I take? When should I take it?
2018-2019 Recommended Program Sequence for Nursing Prelicensure, BSN and printable pdf download

Foundations of Excellence37 cr.
ACES100Achieving Career and Education Success3 cr.
BIOL110Foundations of Cell Biology3 cr.
BIOL110LFoundations of Cell Biology Lab1 cr.
BIOL221Anatomy and Physiology I3 cr.
BIOL221LAnatomy and Physiology I Lab1 cr.
BIOL222Anatomy and Physiology II3 cr.
BIOL222LAnatomy and Physiology II Lab1 cr.
CHEM150Foundations in Chemistry3 cr.
CHEM150LFoundations in Chemistry Lab1 cr.
COMM120Presentation Techniques3 cr.
ENGL109Composition3 cr.
ENGL110Advanced Composition3 cr.
MATH125Intermediate Algebra3 cr.
PSYC101Introductory Psychology3 cr.
STAT219Introduction to Biostatistics 3 cr.
Foundations of Health Professions17 cr.
BIOL211Microbiology3 cr.
BIOL211LMicrobiology Lab1 cr.
BIOL312Pathophysiology4 cr.
HLTH101MIntroduction to Health Careers(0) cr.
HLTH101Introduction to Health Careers3 cr.
HLTH230Health Care Law and Ethics3 cr.
PSYC303Psychosocial Health Concerns3 cr.
SOSC201Diversity in Society3 cr.
Major66-79 cr.
NURS101Foundations of Nursing and Critical Thinking3 cr.
NURS101CFoundations of Nursing and Critical Thinking Clinical2 cr.
NURS125Pharmacology I2 cr.
NURS126Pharmacology II2 cr.
NURS135Nutrition in Nursing2 cr.
NURS250Nursing Care of Adults I4 cr.
NURS250LNursing Care of Adults I Lab1 cr.
NURS250CNursing Care of Adults I Clinical3 cr.
NURS315Health Promotion and Education3 cr.
NURS317Health Assessment in Nursing3 cr.
NURS317LHealth Assessment in Nursing Lab1 cr.
NURS325Mental Health Nursing Across the Lifespan3 cr.
NURS325CMental Health Nursing Clinical1 cr.
NURS334Nursing Care of Adults II4 cr.
NURS334LNursing Care of Adults II Lab1 cr.
NURS334CNursing Care of Adults II Clinical4 cr.
NURS355Nursing of Childbearing Family4 cr.
NURS355CNursing Childbearing Family Clinical2 cr.
NURS370Nursing Care of Children4 cr.
NURS370LNursing Care of Children Lab1 cr.
NURS370CNursing Care of Children Clinical2 cr.
NURS415*Evidence Based Nursing Practice2 cr.
NURS427Community Health Nursing (PL)3 cr.
NURS427CCommunity Health Nursing Clinical (PL)2 cr.
NURS433Nurse Manager and Leader (PL)2 cr.
NURS433CNurse Manager and Leader Clinical (PL)3 cr.
NURS496Senior Nursing Seminar2 cr.
Complete the optional Medical Case Management Specialty [CMS] (13) cr.
MCMG300Case Management Fundamentals3 cr.
MCMG312Case Management Insurance/Utilization Review3 cr.
MCMG401Case Work Reporting Techniques4 cr.
MCMG403Case Management Special Populations3 cr.