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Medical Case Management Certificate, PB
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The Medical Case Management certificate is designed for health and human services professionals, who have earned their bachelor’s degree at an accredited college or university and want to pursue or advance their career as a case manager. The courses of the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Medical Case Management provide valuable preparation for careers in case management in a variety of health care practice settings and prepare the student for the Certified Case Manager national certification exam. An optional course to specifically prepare for the Certified Case Manager national certification exam is available.

Preadmission requirements:

Students should have completed an undergraduate degree earned at an accredited college or university as well as a course in the foundations of case management and statistics prior to starting this post-baccalaureate program. If not, it is strongly recommended that MCMG300 Case Management Fundamentals and either STAT220 Introduction to Statistics or STAT219 Introduction to Biostatistics be completed.

Which class should I take? When should I take it?
2017-2018 Recommended Program Sequence for Medical Case Management, PBC and printable pdf download

Major13-14 cr.
MCMG312Case Management Insurance/Utilization Review3 cr.
MCMG401Case Work Reporting Techniques4 cr.
MCMG410*Case Management Certification Preparation1 cr.
Choose from two of the following:(6) cr.
MCMG310Community Services3 cr.
MCMG311Adjustment to Disability3 cr.
MCMG403Case Management Special Populations3 cr.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Gainful Employment Disclosure