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Pre-Health Professions Courses - Undecided Medical Assisting Focus, PHPD
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PRE-HEALTH UNDECIDED Medical Assisting Focus  • PHUN AS MA

Program standards are specific for most of the College of Health Professions degree programs and established so students will be prepared for credentialing examinations offered by professional associations or the state government. Admission to the University does not guarantee admission to all programs in the College of Health Professions.  It is recommended that students planning to pursue programs that have specific admission requirements or students undecided in their program of study start with the following courses. In addition to specific courses, individual programs may have special requirements for the clinical sections of the program which should be considered before pursuing coursework in the specific health professions major.  The student is advised to consult the College of Health Professions Handbook for these requirements. Students are encouraged to meet with their Advisor to discuss program options and specific admission requirements for each degree program.

Which class should I take? When should I take it?
2016-2017 Recommended Program Sequence for Pre-Health Professions Courses - Undecided Medical Assisting and printable pdf download

Foundations of Excellence15 cr.
BIOL115#Anatomy and Physiology with Human Disease I4 cr.
BIOL116#Anatomy and Physiology with Human Disease II4 cr.
ENGL109Composition3 cr.
HLTH100*Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation/First Aid1 cr.
MATH125Intermediate Algebra3 cr.
Foundations of Health Professions12 cr.
CISP112Applied Information Technology 3 cr.
HLTH101Introduction to Health Careers3 cr.
HLTH110*Medical Terminology3 cr.
HLTH220*Pharmacology3 cr.