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Computer Information Systems Co-Op Option , BS
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Computer Information Systems – Co-Op Program

Earn while you learn.

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) Co-op Program couples classroom instruction with paid, application-focused learning in business and industry settings arranged as part of a student’s course of study. This ongoing professional immersion in the field provides students with a performance-edge valued by employers. You will be provided with the performance-based skills necessary to design, develop, test and evaluate computer applications and system software.  We ready you to analyze and solve programming problems for specific network systems, and develop custom programs to meet specific customer needs to enhance organizational productivity and efficiency. You will graduate with versatile programming competencies including Java, C++ and C# - languages that are in high demand. The BS in Computer Information Systems prepares students in fields such as application and web development, programming, and computer information systems analysis.
Download a PDF of the Computer Information Systems Co-Op program.

Key Components of the Co-Op Education program

  • Minimum hourly salary for students is $12 for Co-Op I, $13.50 for Co-Op II, and $15 for Co-Op III.
  • Students will graduate in four years with summer work / classes required.
  • Students and employers can negotiate separately regarding employment outside of Co-Op.
  • Students will earn while they learn through employer paid Co-Op semesters.
  • Co-Op Program begins after the first year with every student completing three Co-Op semesters
  • Employers select students based on GPA, student interests, essay, resume, and interviews.
  • Students will develop valuable career contacts.
  • Employers evaluate student potential over extended learning environment.
  • Employer can hire 2 – 3 students to alternate to fill one full-time position if desired.

Acceptance Requirements

  • High School GPA of 3.0
  • ACT score of 23 or SAT of 1130 (math & verbal)
  • Mathematics placement in Pre-Calculus (MATH150) or above
  • Completion of Co-op application and Statement of Purpose
  • Two letters of reference from a high school teacher/counselor
  • Interview with a College of Technology Faculty member
  • Interview and acceptance by an approved Co-op program employer

Typical CIS Co-Op Positions

Application DeveloperComputer Information SpecialistMobile DevelopersInternet Programmer
ProgrammerSoftware EngineerSystems AnalystIT Business Analyst
Web DeveloperTechnical SupportHelp Desk SupportWeb Administrator

Certification Course Credit | Certification Page

Davenport offers course credit for specific certifications you may hold. Obtaining a certificate demonstrates your knowledge in a specific technology area. In addition, it also indicates your dedication and motivation to professional development. For these reasons, certification exams are highly recommended after completing certificate related courses in Davenport's technology programs. See our certification page for additional information. 

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Full Curriculum



The Computer Information Systems Co-op Program prepares students in a broad range of computer programming competencies through job cooperative education (co-ops) in business and industry settings coupled with classroom instruction. Students will learn to work with leaders from functional areas to analyze information requirements and determine ways in which computer systems can meet those needs. Students will complete three 300 hour co-op experiences during the program.

Preadmission Requirements:

  • High School GPA of 3.0 at end of Junior year
  • ACT of 23 or above
  • Place into pre-calculus (MATH150) or higher
  • Letter of application at time of admission to the university
  • Two letters of reference
  • Committee interview (committee will be comprised of the CIS Department Chair, Associate Dean, and Director of Experiential Learning)

Continued Enrollment Requirements:

  • Maintenance of 3.0 GPA overall and in major courses.
  • Successful Co-op site supervisor evaluations

Which class should I take? When should I take it?
2017-2018 Recommended Program Sequence for Computer Information Systems Co-op and printable pdf download

Foundations of Excellence32 cr.
ACES100 or OPENAchieving Career and Education Success or (if exempt) Open Elective3 cr.
COMM120Presentation Techniques3 cr.
ENGL109Composition3 cr.
ENGL110Advanced Composition3 cr.
ENGL311Professional Writing3 cr.
MATH150Pre-Calculus4 cr.
MATH215Calculus I4 cr.
SOSC201Diversity in Society3 cr.
SOSC301Globalization and World Diversity3 cr.
STAT220Introduction to Statistics3 cr.
Foundations of Business9 cr.
ACCT200Accounting Basics for Managers3 cr.
BUSN210Professional Ethics3 cr.
MGMT211Management Foundations3 cr.
Foundations of Computer Information Systems Co-op24 cr.
CIOP197CIS Co-op Professional Success Seminar3 cr.
CISP111Requirements Planning and Developing3 cr.
CISP247Database Design3 cr.
MATH250Discrete Structures3 cr.
CSCI231Introduction to Programming3 cr.
GPMT287Principles of Project Management3 cr.
Choose two of the following:(6) cr.
CSCI232Object-Oriented Programming with C++3 cr.
CSCI234Object-Oriented Programming with C#3 cr.
CSCI239Object-Oriented Programming with Java3 cr.
Major55 cr.
CISP211E-Business Technologies3 cr.
CISP220Web Page Applications3 cr.
CISP238Server Side Scripting I3 cr.
CISP309Database Systems3 cr.
CISP340Mobile Application Development I3 cr.
CISP401Systems Analysis and Design3 cr.
DATA275Introduction to Data Analytics3 cr.
CISP410Systems Integration3 cr.
CSCI312Data Structures and Algorithms3 cr.
CSCI342Advanced Object-Oriented Programming3 cr.
CSCI420Distributed Architectures3 cr.
CSCI430Operating Systems3 cr.
Co-op classes:(19) cr.
CIOP297Computer Information System Co-op Level I6 cr.
CIOP397 Computer Information System Co-op Level II6 cr.
CIOP497 Computer Information System Co-op Level III7 cr.