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Digital Forensics, BS
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Digital Forensics, bachelor of science

Equip yourself to be skilled at solving computer crimes.

Be at the leading edge of innovation by developing your digital forensics and investigative skills with a Bachelor or Science in Digital Forensics. In this program, you are provided with the knowledge and skills necessary to collect, process, preserve, analyze and present computer-related evidence. You will learn to use tools and techniques to recover and secure information from computer operating systems, file systems, networks and mobile devices. Whether it be in detecting fraud, finding and assessing network vulnerabilities, assisting in a criminal investigation or in counter-intelligence activities, the hands-on learning and solid theoretical knowledge provided in this program poise you to seize a variety of professional opportunities in multiple business, industry and government sectors.
Hands-on experience conducting investigations to define and analyze intrusion methodologies in digital devices, media, and networks provides application-based experience to excel in the professional setting. Study evidence collection techniques and courtroom presentation procedures for testifying in a court of law.
In addition, Davenport is one of only 15 schools in the nation designated by the DoD Cyber Crime Center (DC3) as a Center of Academic Excellence in Digital Forensics (CDFAE) highlighting a commitment to excellence in the field of Digital Forensics. Read more about the Cyber Crime Center and learn how important this designation is.

Certification Course Credit | CERTIFICATION PAGE

Davenport offers course credit for specific certifications you may hold. Obtaining a certificate demonstrates your knowledge in a specific technology area. In addition, it also indicates your dedication and motivation to professional development. For these reasons, certification exams are highly recommended after completing certificate related courses in Davenport's technology programs. See our certification page for additional information. 

The BS in Digital Forensics can be completed in-seat only to provide you with the necessary hands-on experience required to prepare you for professional opportunities in this field.
Download a PDF of the Bachelor of Science in Digital Forensics degree.
Davenport students holding their trophy after the Digital Forensics challenge competition.

Digital Forensics Challenge

Our Cyber Defense Organization also offers additional opportunities for competitions and networking. In 2013 and 2015, Davenport’s cyber defense team took 1st place at the Michigan State Competition.
Through the digital forensics challenges, you will help create better methods for digital forensics, multimedia lab services, while increasing cyber technical training, researching, testing, and evaluating the capabilities of those supporting cyber counterintelligence and counter-terrorism for the Department of Defense
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Full Curriculum


The Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Forensics provides the necessary knowledge and skills for the collection, processing, preservation, analysis, and presentation of computer-related evidence in support of network vulnerability mitigation and/or criminal, fraud, counterintelligence, or law enforcement investigations. Students will use hands-on tools and techniques in a variety of environments for operating systems, file systems, networks, mobile devices, and electronic discovery of data.

Which class should I take? When should I take it?
2018-2019 Recommended Program Sequence for Digital Forensics, BS and printable pdf download 


Foundations of Excellence30-31 cr.
ACES100 or OPENAchieving Career and Education Success or (if exempt) Open Elective3 cr.
COMM120Presentation Techniques3 cr.
ENGL109Composition3 cr.
ENGL110Advanced Composition3 cr.
ENGL311Professional Writing3 cr.
MATH135/150/215College Algebra or Pre-Calculus or Calculus I3-4 cr.
SOSC201Diversity in Society3 cr.
SOSC301Globalization and World Diversity3 cr.
STAT220Introduction to Statistics3 cr.
SCIScience Elective3 cr.
Foundations of Business(9-10) cr.
ACCT200 or ACCT201Accounting Basics for Managers (recommended) or Accounting Foundations I3-4 cr.
BUSN210Professional Ethics3 cr.
MGMT211Management Foundations3 cr.
Foundations of Digital Forensics21 cr.
BITS211Microcomputer Applications: Spreadsheets3 cr.
CISP247Database Design3 cr.
GPMT287Principles of Project Management3 cr.
IAAS221Security Foundations3 cr.
NETW101PC Operating Systems3 cr.
NETW141MS Client and Server OS3 cr.
NETW217UNIX Operating Systems3 cr.
Major45 cr.
CISP253Perl/Python Scripting3 cr.
IAAS256Windows Digital Forensics3 cr.
IAAS345Linux/MAC Forensics3 cr.
IAAS355Network Forensics3 cr.
IAAS370Mobile Device Forensics3 cr.
IAAS375File System/Operating Systems/Data Recovery3 cr.
IAAS420Reverse Engineering Malware3 cr.
IAAS450Advanced Topics in Digital Forensics3 cr.
IAAS460Digital Forensics Analysis and Report Writing EL3 cr.
IAAS487Internet/Email/Electronic Discovery3 cr.
LEGL300Evidence and Criminal Procedure3 cr.
NETW151 or NETW220Cisco Networking Fundamentals or Data Communications and Networks3 cr.
NETW201PC Maintenance and Management3 cr.
NETW235UNIX/Linux Server Administration3 cr.
TECH497College of Technology Capstone3 cr.
Open Electives - Apply MATH125 Intermediate Algebra (3 cr) here if required. Recommended Electives:13-15 cr.
IAAS490Information Assurance and Security Internship3 cr.
MATH140Finite Mathematics3 cr.
STAT322Inferential Statistics3 cr.