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BSC Glossary
Metric Definition Data Source Updated
Employment Rate DU graduate placement rate six months after graduation, includes those employed full time, part time, self-employed, and those in the military.   Graduate Survey Yearly
Employer Perception Mean rating from employers who report “graduates are highly prepared for the workforce” on 5-point scale. Employer Perception Survey Yearly
Graduation Rate Percent of first-time, full-time students who graduate within 150% of normal time to completion. IR Office Yearly
Graduate Satisfaction Percent of graduates who would recommend DU to a friend seeking a similar degree (with or without reservations). Graduate Survey Yearly
Enrollment All enrolled students at the second freeze date. IR Office


Retention Percent of degree-seeking students enrolled in Fall who re-enroll or graduate by the following Fall.  IR Office Daily
Student Satisfaction Mean score from students rating “overall satisfied with my experience at Davenport University" on a 7-point scale. Student Sat Survey Yearly
Endowment University  income that is derived from donations and used for its continuing support. ($M) Alumni Office Quarterly
Operating return on Revenue Operating revenue minus operating expenses. ($M) Finance Office Monthly
Giving All types of gifts provided to the DU Foundation for giving. ($M) Finance Office Monthly
Diversity of Workforce Percentage of employees who consider themselves either Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian, American Indian or Multi-racial.  Includes Faculty, Adjuncts, Part-time and full-time staff. HR and IR Offices Yearly
Employee Satisfaction Mean score from DU employees for: "Rate your overall satisfaction with your employment here so far" on 5-point scale. Employee Sat Survey Yearly