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Process Improvement

Developing a culture of measurement, empowerment, and continuous improvement. 

The Process Improvement department provides tools and training to faculty and staff to improve performance. Through the Process Improvement Methodology, teams identify opportunities that focus on meeting and exceeding the needs of students and other key stakeholders.


      Process Improvement at DU

  • Request - Initial meeting to identify problem, project objectives, resources and timing.
  • Current and Ideal State Analysis Workshop - Cross-functional team meets to process map current and ideal states as well as identify all opportunities for improvement necessary to move from current to ideal state.
  • IT Technical Review - Meet with IT to review and identify technology needs including systems, equipment, software upgrades, etc. to determine the best technical solution to improve process performance.
  • Data Analysis - Meet with Institutional Research to identify key performance indicators and metrics impacted by project work.
  • Cost Benefit Analysis - Determine the total cost of the project work as well as the financial non-financial benefits related to project implementation.
  • Sponsor Approval - Review all potential project costs and benefits with Sponsor to obtain approval to begin the formal project implementation process.

Kathy Miner, Executive Director for Process Improvement