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Process Improvement

Developing a culture of measurement, empowerment, and continuous improvement. 

The Process Improvement department provides tools and training to faculty and staff to improve performance. Through the Process Improvement Methodology, teams identify opportunities that focus on meeting and exceeding the needs of students and other key stakeholders.

                                     Process Improvement at DU

  • Define - Initial meeting to identify problem, project objectives, resources needed and desired project timing.
  • Measure - Cross-functional team meets to process map current state, determine all opportunities for improvement, determine process metrics and KPI's impacted, as well as identify all process resources and current process cost.
  • Analyze - Evaluate all of the process data collected in order to create an ideal state process map with ideal metrics.
  • Sponsor Approval - Review all potential project costs and benefits with Sponsor to obtain approval to begin the formal project implementation process.
  • Improve - Implement the approved changes.
  • Control - Continuously monitor and report process performance to ensure the process is meeting expected targets or metrics. If process is not meeting expectations, initiate a process analysis meeting to determine causes of performance variation.

Kathy Miner, Executive Director for Process Improvement