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Active Minds

The time at which most people start college is a “new” time for people. New home, new friends, new opportunities, new expectations, new rules, etc. It is a point at which we challenge what was once normal to us and create our own normal and with this challenge comes new stress.

The label of mental illness is one that makes many think of some crippling disability or psychopath. It is the job of both the person suffering and those aiding them to realize that a mental illness is not the end. It is a challenge which can and should be overcome. This is the purpose of Active Minds; to change the conversation about mental health and what it means to everyone involved.

I hope and pray that all of you will join us in this goal.



President: Kait Theisen
Vice President: Danielle Maxson
Treasurer: Shelby Jarvis
Publicity Co-Chairpersons: Victor Frye & Jon Johnson
Education Chairperson: Adrienne Earley
Fundraising Chairperson: Olivia Magid
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Bingman
Faculty Co-Advisor: Dr. Neil Shepard

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