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Fire Drill Checklist

Fire Drill Checklist

In the event of a fire, pull the fire alarm. The integrated fire alarm system is for use only in the event of a fire and should NOT be used to evacuate the building for any other emergency.


  • Remind students which exit to take as noted in each classroom, regardless of where they are parked. 
  • Tell them to put on coats and to pick up purses/keys. Leave all books, notebooks, etc. in the classroom. 
  • Tell all students they MUST move to an area 300 feet from the building. 
  • You are to take a roster or safety sign-in sheet and a pen/pencil with you. 
  • Close all classroom windows. 
  • Turn off lights. 
  • Close all classroom doors.

Once outdoors: 

  • Announce that class is NOT cancelled automatically – notification of official cancellation of class will be announced by campus personnel. 
  • Ask students to inform you if they select to leave and take note of all who leave the premises. 
  • Confirm through a roster or safety sign-in sheet that all students who were present that day are out of the building. You will be asked by fire officials to verify this. 
  • Do not reenter the building until permission is granted by those having authority.