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Tornado Drill Checklist

Tornado Drill Checklist


1. Information about severe weather will be given to the campus community if known in advance.

2. A Tornado Watch is the time to review emergency action plans and determine the nearest tornado shelter.

3. Tornado shelter plans will be posted in each classroom.

4. During a tornado watch one person will be designated to monitor the weather by computer or weather radio.

5. When the community siren is activated or information is obtained through computer monitoring, faculty and staff will move students to the appropriate tornado shelters.

6. DU Alert will be activated for the individual campus that has the tornado warning.  The following are the individuals who can access DU Alert:

  • Matthew Miller
  • Mark Ewing
  • Chris Schoenberg

7. There will be monitoring equipment in a designated shelter to determine the completion of the warning.

8. Do not use elevators and stay away from windows. 



1.  Seek indoor shelter if possible.

2.  Parked motor vehicles are unsafe. Seek indoor shelter.

3.  If an indoor shelter is not available and there is not time for escape, lie flat in a ditch or low spot.