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Standards of Conduct

General Facility Rules

  1. Children/Youths under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult member (parent/guardian) who remains present. No child care facilities or child supervision is available in the center.
  2. Your Panther One and/or Membership Identification card must be presented at the Welcome Desk or Fitness Center desk upon entering for recreational use of indoor facilities or for outdoor facilities use.
  3. Participants engaging in recreation should sign a “Safe Participation and Acknowledgement of Risk and Release of Liability Form” when using the Student Center.
  4. The University respects, and is committed to, equal access to facilities and safety and security for all.
  5. No individual may use facilities, equipment, or supplies for personal monetary gain.
  6. Facilities may only be used for their intended purposes.*
  7. Harassment, intimidation, and/or hazing of groups, individuals, members or staff are prohibited. The Student Code of Davenport University is incorporated into rules and norms of the Student Center.
  8. Profanity and lewd, obscene or rude conduct is prohibited.
  9. Demonstration of the highest levels of respect for others, including opposing teams and officials, is required. Individuals not in compliance with this behavior may be asked to leave an event at Student Center staff discretion.
  10. Alcoholic beverages and all other controlled substances are strictly prohibited in all indoor and outdoor facilities and parking areas associated with Student Center events or on campus.
  11. Those demonstrating signs of intoxication will be denied access to facilities and programs.
  12. Food beverages are permitted to be consumed in lounge and lobby areas, but are prohibited in all activity areas. Bottled water is permitted in activity areas. During collegiate games in the main competition area, concessions items are permitted in spectator seating and customers are urged to utilize nearby waste receptacles.
  13. Use of any tobacco products, including all forms of chewing tobacco, is prohibited inside the facility and within all spectator areas of the outdoor turf field. Smoking is allowed in designated locations outside the facility and away from entrances.
  14. Foods and beverages may not be carried into the facility for mass consumption inside. Foods/coolers for personal use must remain in vehicles. Foods/beverages may not be distributed or sold on campus in conjunction with any Student Center or off-site home Davenport athletic event.
  15. Recording of images is prohibited. Using electronic or other means to make a video or photographic record of any person, in a location where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy, is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, taking video or photographic images in shower/locker rooms, rest rooms, athletic training rooms, meeting rooms, and food service areas.
  16. Appropriate attire, including non-marking rubber-soled shoes, must be worn in all activity areas. Workout clothing, including shirts, is required. Indoor climbing shoes are required on the landing surface in the Climbing Center. High heeled shoes are prohibited on the main arena’s wood floors.
  17. Skateboards, roller blades/skates, and cycling devices are prohibited on all indoor surfaces. Such devices are prohibited on sidewalks and stairs leading to facility entrances.
  18. Unauthorized and/or unapproved equipment is prohibited in indoor facilities and/or on the turf filed and other maintained surfaces adjacent to the facility.
  19. Individual users are accountable for damages caused to equipment and/or facilities.
  20. Only authorized staff members may set up, repair, alter, or transport equipment.
  21. A designated university official and/or staff member has the right to enter any part of the facility when necessary. Designated university officials and/or staff include, but are not limited to, police and security, EMS (Emergency Medical Services), fire prevention services personnel, elevator repair personnel, maintenance and custodial staff, and others authorized by the university.
  22. Student Center staff members and the department reserve the right to close areas within the facility or the entire Student Center if conditions warrant.
  23. Designated university officials may conduct a search of any part of the facilities in accordance with university procedures and applicable laws.
  24. Davenport University and Student Center staff cannot assume responsibility for theft, loss, damage, or destruction of personal belongings. If an incident occurs, please report it promptly.
  25. Davenport University and Student Center employees are not responsible for personal injuries. Use of facilities is at your own risk.

*Intended purposes are those activities for which the facilities were designed, including basketball, volleyball, badminton and other similar indoor or outdoor activities. Please consult a facility staff member if you are unsure if your activity is approved for use.

1-15-2009 The above rules are subject to future change and/or interpretation by our staff as is necessary.