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Do I have access to my daughter's or son's disciplinary records?

If a student completes a FERPA waiver form, parents can have limited to full access to student educational records. Without the signed form, information cannot be released to anyone but the student.

What behavior is expected of DU students?

Each student accepts the following responsibilities: Students are expected to respect and value the rights of others, support the academic environment, and encourage the proper use of University facilities. Students are also expected to observe federal, state, and local laws, as well as University rules, regulations, and policies, including the use of existing procedures to resolve disputes. Students are expected to make themselves aware of the regulations governing them as members of the University community. Students are expected to conduct themselves as mature individuals at all times consistent with the institution’s values, beliefs, and highest standards of ethics. This encompasses all conduct while on campus, off campus, and during all University-related endeavors including, but not limited to, internships, practicums, clinicals, or other University-related experiences.

Does DU have an alcohol and drug use policy?

The use or possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited by Davenport University on all University property regardless of age.  The following actions are prohibited according to law: Use or possession of any drug or controlled substance, or of drug paraphernalia, contrary to law or without a valid and legal prescription for such drugs or controlled substances. Production, manufacture, distribution or use of any drug, controlled substance or any substance used as a drug contrary to law. Sale, gift or transfer of drugs, controlled substances, or drug paraphernalia, whether or not such sale, gift, or transfer occurs on or off campus.

Are services available to help students locate jobs?

Career Services will show students where to find the open positions available on campus. We can help critique their resume and give them examples so they can apply for positions. For job searching we show them effective techniques such as what search engines to use on the internet. Additionally, we send job leads on a weekly bases for employers to any student who has used or services and fits the requirement the employer is seeking. We also forward job leads to professors by major and tell them to inform their faculty and students of the position. Career Services also recommends students to network, join, ask parents, family, and friends about job opportunities. Moreover, we suggest targeting specific company websites on a weekly basis to see what they have available.

Should students work during their first year? Won't employment interfere with studies and adjustment to college?

This is a difficult question to answer because it really depends on the student.  Working is a great way to get on-the-job experience and earn money for college at the same time. However, we realize that many students may need some time to adjust to college life while learning to balance athletic and class schedules, as well as social activities.  We want our students to be successful and since Davenport University has so much to offer, not all students have the ability to make a student job a priority, especially during their first year. 

Davenport University participates in the Federal work study program. Students who wish to participate must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and apply for a job. Employment, just like in the "real world," is not guaranteed. Students need to apply and be interviewed. This is a great way to learn skills that will help in your future career. On-campus positions as well as local community service positions are available. To learn more about the work-study program, contact your career services representative.  Although limited, positions that do not require work-study eligibility are also available throughout the school year. 

What advice can I give my son or daughter when he or she is unsure of what to major in?

Students should be encouraged to visit the Career Services Office where they can assist the student in identifying areas of interest as it relates to a chosen career path.

Work-study employment - if a student is interested, do we first refer them to the financial aid office to see if they qualify for it?

Yes. Once students know they are eligible for federal work study funds, they can find positions on Davenport's online employment system. Any questions concerning work study or checking eligibility can be sent through or a Financial Aid Coordinator.

What can I do to get my student involved with Davenport University, so that he or she can enhance their college experience?

Encourage your student to attend Davenport events on campus. At the beginning of the academic year, there are several opportunities for students to find out about different registered student organizations, events on campus and job opportunities on campus. For example, students can come to PantherPalooza in September of each year and find out what is happening on campus. Several community organizations, departments and restaurants come to this event to recruit students to become involved at Davenport and in the Grand Rapids community. You can find out more information about volunteering on campus, joining a student organization or start a student organization with friends.

What types of activities can my student participate in on the weekends?

Students have the opportunity to attend athletic events which take place all throughout the year. In addition, students can join registered student organizations to meet new people and get involved. The Student Life Office additionally offers programming throughout the year such as Homecoming, Family Weekend, Sibs and Kids Weekend, Spring Fling, Stressbusters, weekly programming and more. Moreover, Panther Recreation plans fun recreational activities such as bowling, skating and intramural sports. Stop by the Student Life office and we can help you get involved!

What opportunities are available at Davenport and in the surrounding community for students to become involved?

The Volunteer Center at Davenport University offers a wide variety of opportunities for student to become engaged in the community.  From one day service events to long-term volunteer commitments, the opportunities offered by the Volunteer Center allow students to donate as much time and effort as they can afford.  Ongoing volunteer programs include the HEROES program, in which DU students mentor local middle school students one hour a week, and Alternative Spring Break, in which DU students travel to a community in need to tackle a specific social issue such as poverty. For a full list of programs and events, visit the Volunteer Center Website!

How much does it cost for a parent to attend an athletic event?

$5 for adults, $3 for non DU students and 12 & Under are Free.

Where are the different fields for athletic events?

Most athletic events are located at the Student Center or on the Turf Field. For information about athletic events that do not take place at Davenport University, please visit the Davenport Athletic website

Can a parent purchase a pass for the Student Center?

There are discounted memberships available for parents and family members of Davenport Students. 

Who is the best person to call if my child has problems regarding financial aid, housing/roommates, their account, or classes?

If your student is experiencing problems with their account or classes, please have them contact their academic advisor to address the issue. If your son or daughter lives on campus and experiencing difficulties, please have them contact their Residence Hall Coordinator.

Where is the closest hospital, med center, etc.?

The closest hospital to the Lettinga campus is Metro Health Hospital 

Metro Health Hospital
5900 Byron Center Ave
Wyoming, MI 49519

The closest hospital to the downtown campus is Spectrum Health-Butterworth Hospital located in the city of Grand Rapids.

Spectrum Health-Butterworth Hospital  
100 Michigan St NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

If your student is having health issues, they can also visit a Spectrum Health Urgent Care Center. The closest Urgent Care location is Broadmoor Urgent Care.

Broadmoor Urgent Care
3350 Broadmoor Ave. SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512

What type of transportation is available?

Davenport University provides a shuttle service for its students that runs Monday-Friday. To find out more information about the shuttle services and hours of operation, click here

What kind of security presence do you have here?

We have Davenport University employed officers at the campus who are here 24 hrs/7 days a week/ 365 days.  There is a Director on site during the weekdays.  All officers are trained and educated in security officer duties. 

If classes are canceled, how are students notified?

Davenport University incorporates a service called DU Alerts.  This is a mass notification system that utilizes cell phones, home phones, email, and text messages, to alert students to class cancellations or campus closings.  This system started in Fall, 2009.  You can log in to the student portal to sign up and choose up to 5 sources to receive the notice.

How safe is the campus for my student who lives here?

Security Services has random, roaming foot patrols of the buildings and property.  We also provide escorts to/from buildings, to/from vehicles or other buildings on campus.  Our residence halls are set up with a two fold key card access system that not only requires a programmed key card but also a 4 digit pin in order to access their rooms and some exterior doors.  The campus also utilizes closed circuit TV around the grounds and around/inside buildings.  Security Services Department also works closely with Kent County Sheriff's Department when the need arises to involve the presence of outside law enforcement.

Do students need a parking permit? Where should students park?

All students need to register for a free parking pass online. Students must park in the lot associated with their parking permit. 

Where is Security office  located on campus?

We are located in the lower level of the Academic Building-west wing, just inside the double doors.