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Global experience and life-long memories

"Not a day goes by that I don’t miss it or think about going back".

Meghan Edgerle - China short-term program experience

“To use the cliché line that going to China was the experience of a lifetime is a vast understatement,” said Meghan Edgerle, an accounting major at Davenport who participated in the DU short-term program in China. “It was so much more than that.  It was an experience I wanted to learn and grow from, but I never expected it to become such a permanent part of my life.  Not a day goes by that I don’t miss it or think about going back.”

Returned study abroad participants from various surveys report the following:

  • 97% feel that study abroad made them more mature.
  • 94% report that it continues to influence their interactions with people from different cultures.
  • 96% feel that study abroad increased their self-confidence.
  • 76% say skills learned while abroad influenced their career path.

Employers agree that candidates with an international study experience are likely to possess cross-cultural communication skills, flexibility, autonomy, leadership skills, innovation, maturity, presentation skills, ambition, independence and cultural awareness!

The words of Davenport’s own students about the benefits of studying abroad:

From the Workplace

“International Education ignites a passion for understanding other people and their perspectives. That’s one important benefit to working or studying abroad – and it’s essential to success in our increasingly diverse world.”

Douglas Daft, Chairman and CEO, Coca Cola

“…I have gained more confidence and a better appreciation for other cultures.”
 “…learning how important it is to be curious about other cultures and people instead of staying ‘safe’ in my own country. I learned more than I ever thought possible and now I only want to experience more.”
“…growth individually that is so hard to quantify”
“…much deeper understanding of international business opportunities and complexities.”
“… like I was given a fresh pair of eyes….”
“…It provided me with the insight and understanding I was seeking as I relates to an ever-changing global economy.”
“…It changed my views of the world…. It’s not as if I was narrow minded beforehand, just unaware….”
“…The study abroad program is the best way to go beyond what you think you may know….”

And their advice….

  • “DO IT!! But also do your homework and read about the places you will be going.”
  • “Keep an open mind. Don’t allow yourself to think you can’t handle the challenge, because you’ll soon discover that you are capable of so much more….”