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Membership & Meetings

Membership & Meetings


UAC  Meeting
Scheduled on a Quarterly Basis

Location: W.A. Lettinga Campus, Robert W. Sneden Center



Membership in the UAC is an honor entrusted to those elected by their colleagues. Membership includes the following:

  • Members must be in good standing with DU
  • Functional areas are determined by primary role or position
  • Two students shall be appointed to serve
  • Membership terms shall be for three years
  • Members-at-large may be added after the election to include broad representation 
  • Terms begin September 1 of each year

The UAC will meet a minimum of three times during an academic year with special meetings scheduled as necessary.  

The UAC Chair presides over each meeting. UAC meetings are open to all DU employees, but only elected UAC members can actively participate and vote.

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