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Amy Kline

Amy Kline (
Assistant Director of Student Services
Grand Rapids-Lettinga
(616) 554-5310

  • SVA Advisor
  • Class scheduling to ensure anticipated GI Bill payment
  • Simplified cost estimate for Military TA users
  • Personalized educational guidance
  • Assists in the transition from Military service to scholar
  • Serves as a contact for campus resources
  • Veterans Day planning committee co-chair
  • Deployed student care package program representative

I became a Military Advisor because of my two brothers and my brother in-law who, between the three of them have served three tours in Iraq, one in Kuwait, spent a year in Korea, and a year in Germany. I understand what it is like to receive a late night phone call from the other side of the world. In support, of my brothers I have made multiple road trips to Fort Knox, Fort Bliss, Camp Pendleton, Fort Sam Huston, and Fort McCoy.  I spent an Easter weekend in Germany so that I could see my brother before he was sent to Iraq. I have experienced Operation Comfort and the Automovation program, which gave my brother his sense of normalcy back. Many hours of my time has been spent helping them with Tri-Care insurance, disability claims, and educational benefits.  We now open all of our Christmas presents together and Skype is no longer part of our holiday celebrations, for this I know that I am one of the lucky military family members.  I have supported my brothers through basic training, deployment, returning home and I can help support you too. All service members should have a place and a life to come home to, but not all service members do. Above all, I am free to support service members because my brothers and you chose to fight for my freedom. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, as it is my honor to provide service to those who have served.