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Gail Beausoleil

Gail Beausoleil (
Director of Career Services
Grand Rapids - Connects students from all campuses
(616) 554-5394

  • Assists students in selecting the right major and career
  • Assists in converting military experience to civilian resumes
  • Provides students with interviewing guidance and practice
  • Organizing/promoting career fairs, employer networking events and on-campus recruiting
  • Job search assistance

I’ve been the director of Career Services here at Davenport’s W.A. Lettinga campus in Grand Rapids for five years, and have seen an amazing growth in the number of students we have reached. We encourage you to connect with us early in your time at Davenport so that we can work with you on our Professional Development Plan—an action plan designed to show you the steps needed to grow professionally and find a successful, rewarding career after graduating.