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Current TV Campaign
Alumni - Television Commercial

Davenport alumni work at successful companies all over Michigan. We asked some of them to mention a few reasons why Davenport is such an innovative University.

Innovation - Television Commercial

A one-year MBA, the College of Urban Education, an employment guarantee, and degrees that help get our graduates hired are just some of the ways Davenport University is taking higher education to a higher level.

W.A. Lettinga Campus Tour

A budding movie star takes you on a tour of the campus.

W.A. Lettinga Campus

Check out our big opportunities at our small but mighty W.A. Lettinga campus.

Holland Campus

All kinds of students are finding that Davenport has what they need to be successful.

The Lansing Campus

Watch as we show off our brand new Lansing campus!

Livonia Campus

Learn the secrets of what makes the Livonia campus so special.

Midland Campus

Working together, Davenport helps students built a bright new future.

Traverse City Campus

Davenport goes way above and beyond just textbook learning.

Warren Campus

Students become transformed by a phenomenon known as the Warren effect.

Advisors at Lettinga

Our advisors help students through life, as well as school.

Our Admissions Advisors

Davenport advisors share some of their favorite stories about helping students.

Adult Students

Davenport knows how to help adult students get where the world is going.


Like a winning sports team, our BPA team goes for world domination.

Career Services

A simple test that can help open your eyes about launching the career of your dreams.

Dining at DU

DU dining offers food choices that students actually get excited about.

A Different Look at our Library

Martin takes you on an unusual tour of our library services.

Living in South Hall

A taste of the good life in one of our three residence halls.

Student Recognition Awards

Our students win recognition for their community service.

Transfer Students

Find out why students are so glad they transferred to Davenport.

Chris Sanders Goodbye DU

A graduating senior remembers all the great things about DU.

Diversity at DU

Take an entertaining look at what diversity means here at DU.

Student Life Video Contest

Watch the winning entry from Davenport’s student video contest.

Business Internship

A DU business student explains why internships are so valuable.

Healthcare Internship

Find out how internships often lead to a job offer.

The Davenport Career Fair

Find out why potential employers prefer to hire Davenport students.

The Value of Internships

Find out how getting an internship can help get you a job, as well as launch your career.

Davenport University Scholarships

Davenport University Scholarship recipients tell their stories.

Scholarships Help Change Lives

Giving to a Davenport University scholarship helps make dreams come true for people.

Veterans Scholarship

Davenport students who are also veterans explain why the Student Veterans Association Scholarship is so important to them.

The Importance of Giving

Thanks to generous donations from alumni, current DU students are able to afford college.

Meet Dean Daley

The Dean of the College of Health Professions explains how DU programs prepare students for success.

Graduate Degrees in Business

Davenport University alumni explain why their graduate degrees in business have been so beneficial.

Our Provost

She’s not a sandwich or an electric car. She’s the driving force behind our academic excellence.

New Warren Nursing Lab

A nursing student explains why the new Warren nursing lab is one of the best.

Davenport University and NVINT

Founder Chris Vinton explains how Davenport University has had an important role in his rapidly growing technology company.

Business Alumni

How DU helped a successful businesswoman become who she is today.

Healthcare Alumni

A graduate of our nursing program is doing her part to change the world.

IPEx Corporate Education and Coaching

Learn about the corporate education and coaching division at Davenport University.

Believe - Television Commercial

Davenport University helps students and alumni believe – in themselves.

Looking at You - Television Commercial

Employers know that Davenport University teaches the skills they look for. 

Bobby Blank Back Flip

Bobby Blank just might send Davenport University in a whole new direction.

Sweet Holiday Message

Davenport University - Wishing you a sweet holiday season!

Run with the Big Dogs

Stop barking up the wrong tree! Come unleash your full potential by running with the big dogs at Davenport University. It just might be the trick you need to fetch a whole new career!

Welcome Back Davenport Students!

Davenport University's football coach, Louis Esposito helps us kick off the new academic year!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Davenport University.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from Davenport University.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from Davenport University.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday from Davenport University.

Once Upon a Time... Happy Birthday!

At Davenport University, we like to wish you a happy birthday in a not so regular way!

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